"If one does want to put a bullet through one's brains, one ought to do it at home in some outhouse." He sank on to a bench, just as he was, in his cap, his fur coat, and his felt overboots; his fellow-traveler, the examining magistrate, sat down opposite. "These hysterical, neurasthenic people are great egoists," the doctor went on hotly.

And where should I go if I did? The Captain arrived. He went all through the house at once into the parlour, out into the kitchen, then to the rooms upstairs in his fur coat and overboots. "Where's Fruen?" he asked. "Fruen went to meet Captain," answered Ragnhild. "We thought she'd be coming back now as well." The Captain's head bowed forward a little. Then cautiously he began questioning.

"I know just how you feel about it, you daughter of Eve," she said, with gay sympathy, "but December roads are damp, and if you are going to walk to Marrs' you are not going to do it in those frivolous Parisian concoctions, even with overboots on; so be brave, dear heart, and show that you have a soul above little red satin shoes."

It's pleasant to put on one's fur jacket and felt overboots on a clear frosty day, to do something in the garden or in the yard, or to read in a well warmed room, to sit in my father's study before the open fire, to wash in my country bath-house. . . . Only if there is no mother in the house, no sister and no children, it is somehow dreary on winter evenings, and they seem extraordinarily long and quiet.

After standing for ten minutes, with a gesture of despair, Uzelkov went to look for Shapkin. A YOUNG peasant, with white eyebrows and eyelashes and broad cheekbones, in a torn sheepskin and big black felt overboots, waited till the Zemstvo doctor had finished seeing his patients and came out to go home from the hospital; then he went up to him, diffidently. "Please, your honour," he said.

At two o'clock in the night the guests began coming out of Zybaev's house. The landowner from Tula was the last to make his appearance. He heaved a sigh that could be heard by the whole street and scraped the pavement with his heavy overboots. "Excuse me!" said the jeune premier, overtaking him. "One minute." Klimov stopped.

There, at any rate, you will have supper, and sleep like a human being. You see I have come for you myself. The horses are splendid, we shall get there in twenty minutes." "And what time is it now?" "A quarter past ten." Lyzhin, sleepy and discontented, put on his felt overboots, his furlined coat, his cap and hood, and went out with the doctor.

Upon his proclamation many did come to Middle Plantation, great planters and small, men just freed from indentured service, holders of no land and little land and much land, men of all grades of weight and consideration and all degrees of revolutionary will, from Drummond with a reported speech, "I am in overshoes; I will be in overboots!" and a wife Sarah who snapped a stick in two with the cry, "I care no more for the power of England than for this broken straw!" to those who would be revolutionary as long as, and only when, it seemed safe to be so.

The earth is brown, the trees are bare, and there are white patches of snow wherever one looks; I wear my fur coat and felt overboots day and night.... Well, the wind has been blowing since early morning.... Heavy leaden clouds, dull brown earth, mud, rain, wind.... Brrr! I drive on and on.... I drive on endlessly, and the weather does not improve.

Many wore heavy overboots coming up the leg boots of excellent manufacture, and from their cost, if for no other reason, quite out of the reach of an English soldier boots in which a man would be not at all unfortunate to find himself hunting; but from these, or from their high-lows, shoes, or whatever they might wear, the mud had never been even scraped.