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"You have done well, youngster," he congratulated his helper, as he began to take off his protective covering, "Without your aid I could not have accomplished nearly this much during one period of labor. The periods of exercise and of relaxation are at hand let us return to the house of Orlon, where we all shall gather to relax and to refresh ourselves for the labors of tomorrow."

Finally, after assuring themselves that all is well with the children, they decide that they are ready for the Change. Then, side by side as they have labored, they pass." Now at the door of the observatory, Dorothy paused and shrank back against Seaton, her eyes widening as she stared at Orlon.

"Don't you see that I could really play right now, with somebody to listen, who really enjoys music; whereas, if I tried to play in front of a record, I'd be perfectly mechanical?" "'At-a-girl, Dot! I'll get your fiddle." "Keep your seat, son," instructed Orlon, as the case containing the Stradivarius appeared before Dorothy, borne by a pencil of force.

Crane and Orlon were already in the common room, as were the scientists Seaton already knew, as well as a group of women and children still strangers to the Terrestrials. In a few minutes Orlon's companion, a dignified, white-haired woman, entered; accompanied by Dorothy, Margaret, and a laughing, boisterous group of men and women from the Country of Youth.

As one man, Orlon and the other remaining Norlaminians leaped out of the projector and floated to the ground below. "I expected that," remarked Seaton. "They can't even think of a thing like this without getting the blue willies I don't blame them much, at that. How about you, Carfon? You can be excused if you like." "I want to watch those forces at work.

Introductions over, Seaton turned to Crane. "How's every little thing, Mart?" "Very well indeed. We are building an observatory in space or rather, Orlon is building it and I am doing what little I can to help him. In a few days we shall be able to locate the system of the Fenachrone. How is your work progressing?" "Smoother than a kitten's ear. Got the fourth-order projector about done.

Instantly each chair converted itself into a form-fitting divan, inviting complete repose. "I believe that you of Earth would perhaps enjoy some of our music during this, the period of relaxation and repose it is so different from your own," Orlon remarked, as he again manipulated his tiny force-tube.

As Rovol wafted himself to the ground from their lofty station, Crane and Margaret appeared and were lifted up to the place formerly occupied by the physicist. "How's tricks, Mart? I hear you're quite an astronomer?" said Seaton. "Yes, thanks to Orlon and the First of Psychology. He seemed quite interested in increasing our Earthly knowledge.

"All right, boss; one more little infraction and I'll shut up like a clam. I'd like to know what the girls have been doing." "We've been having a wonderful time!" Dorothy declared. "We've been designing fabrics and ornaments and jewels and things. Wait 'til you see 'em!" "Fine! All right, Orlon, it's your party what to do?" "This is the time of exercise.

"Saved by the bell," Seaton laughed as, thoroughly ducked and almost half drowned, he was allowed to swim ashore. When all had returned to the common room of the observatory and had seated themselves, Orlon took out his miniature ray-projector, no larger than a fountain pen, and flashed it briefly upon one of the hundreds of button-like lenses upon the wall.