"Aunt," said the young man, starting up spasmodically; "can I off-saddle?" "Yes." He seized his hat, and disappeared with a rush through the door. "I told you so! I knew it!" said Tant Sannie. "The dear Lord doesn't send dreams for nothing. Didn't I tell you this morning that I dreamed of a great beast like a sheep, with red eyes, and I killed it?

We go on marching till about 9.30 or 10, when we off-saddle and lie up for the heat of the day, during which the horses are grazed, with a guard to look after them, and we go a-breakfasting, bathing, and in theory writing and sketching, but in practice sleeping, at least so far as the flies will allow.

The little hill we were on would, unluckily, be certain to prove an attraction for them, because it was an excellent vantage ground whence to scan the horizon to the south, and to signal back to the main body to the north. The kraal was also a suitable place to off-saddle for a few minutes while the main body came up to the drift, and it meant possibly a fire, and therefore a cup of coffee.

"A nice dance you've led me," expostulated Alice, as they dismounted and began to off-saddle. "Serves you right for your impertinence," Prudence smiled over at the other. "All the same I'm right." "Now keep quiet, or I'll ride off again and leave you." "So you can if you like; this old mare I'm riding will take me home straight as the crow flies. What's that?"

We were indeed glad that we had attained our object. But we did not know what was in store for us. At dawn we left the river, and moving southwards we soon encountered the enemy not far from the river. From early in the morning till late in the afternoon we were engaged by the enemy. At sunset we could off-saddle and rest our tired horses for a short while, and a hasty meal was prepared.

Finding that the Gauchos were engaged at that time in breaking in some young horses, he ordered his party to off-saddle, and went with Pedro, Lawrence, and some others towards the corral while food was being prepared.

With fresh ponies in place of the jaded mules, and feeling much happier on our doeskin saddles, we went along gaily for some distance, but the extreme cold and our own weariness soon began to tell, and we became so drowsy that we determined to off-saddle at the next inn.

Imagining I had seen some new danger in our path, she had advanced to stand by my side. "He is dying," I muttered in distraction. "We can do nothing." But could we pass him by before he died? "This is terrible," said Seraphina. My real hope had been that, after driving the Lugareños away, the peons would off-saddle near the little river to rest themselves and their horses.

This place, distant 71 miles from Pitsani, was passed at 5.30 p.m., December 30. I was subsequently informed that a force of several hundred Boers, sent from Lichtenburg to intercept the force at this point, missed doing so by three hours only. At our next 'off-saddle' Dr.

There Veld-Kornet Klaassen ordered his men to off-saddle and give the horses a rest. Meanwhile the camp was burnt, flames arose in all directions, and thousands of cartridges exploded. After we had watered our horses in a neighbouring spruit we lay down to rest.