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I'll HIRE fur you, Tillie and you can just set and enjoy yourself musin', like what Doc says book-learnt people likes to do." Tillie's eyes rested on him with a softer and a kindlier light in them than she had ever shown him before; for such a magnanimous offer as this, she thought, could spring only from the fact that Absalom was really deeply in love, and she was not a little touched.

Musin' over his fried eyesthers an' asparagus an' his champagne, he bets a polo pony again a box of golf-balls he'll be ilicted unanimous; an' all th' good citizens make a vow f'r to set th' alar-rm clock f'r half-past three on th' afthernoon iv iliction day, so's to be up in time to vote f'r th' riprisintitive iv pure gover'mint.

And after they tole how he had up and sassed pop, and him a directer yet! And Nathaniel he tole how Absalom had heard off the Doc how Teacher he was a' UNbeliever and says musin' is the same to him as prayin'! Now think! Such conwictions as them!

Her last visit was to Musin, the grey horse, that was grazing tethered behind the smithy. Musin was busy cropping the turf, but he just lifted his head and looked at her she plucked a handful of grass, and offered it, and when he had disposed of that, she patted his muzzle, and he let her cling round his neck for a moment.

In reply to some questions anent his own study years, he said: "Strange to say, my father was my very first teacher it is not often the case. I studied with him until I went to the Liège Conservatory in 1867, where I won a second prize, sharing it with Ovide Musin, for playing Viotti's 22d Concerto. Then I had lessons from Wieniawski in Brussels and studied two years with Vieuxtemps in Paris.

"Malviny Higgins tossed her head an' giv me one uv her witherinest looks, but I'm not one uv the perishin' kind, so I kep on a' musin'. "'It's wonderful what a difference there is between sellin' by the poun' an' the barrel, sez I. 'It's unfortunet that there's only one way to the heavenly country, an' it's a limited express with no Pullman attached.

But that night, way along in the night, as I lay awake a musin' on it, and a wonderin', for I say plain that my specks hain't strong enough to see through the mysteries that wrap us round on every side, I s'posed my companion wus asleep; but he spoke out sudden like, and decided, as if I had been a disputin' of him, "Yes, most probable she dremp it." "Wall," says I, "I hain't disputed you,"

Many of the great violin names, in fact, Vieuxtemps, Léonard*, Marsick, Remi, Parent, de Broux, Musin, Thomson, are all Belgian." Ysaye spoke of Vieuxtemps's repertory only he did not call it that: he spoke of the Vieuxtemps compositions and of Vieuxtemps himself. "Vieuxtemps wrote in the grand style; his music is always rich and sonorous.

The signs is made outen pine boards, an' Billy has marked this yere motto onto 'em with a burnt stick "It ain't no time after Billy posts his warnin's, an' he's still musin' over 'em mighty reflective, when along projects a Mexican with a pair of burros he's packin' freight on. The Mexican's goin' by the notices witbout payin' the least heed tharto. But this don't do Billy, an' he stands him up.

I studied G. Washington's picture on the parlor-wall, to get kinder stirred up in my mind about him, so's to realize to the full my privileges as I wept onto his tomb, and stood in the capital he had foundered. Thomas J. come one day while I wus musin' on George; and he says, "What are you lookin' so close at that dear old humbug for?"