The inscrutable mystery of those folk of other days is like the inscrutable mystery of that childhood time, the Mediæval time of the imagination, and those of us who remember its joys gaze silent and happy in the tapestry room of the Ducal Palace at Nancy, or in Mary's Chamber at Holyrood, or in any place whatever where hang the magic pictured cloths.

"Thirty-four years is a long time, however; I may, perhaps, get rid of some of my own Scotticisms by that time." "I knew Hogarth of Cross Hall, very well, when I was young," said Mrs. Peck. "Do you mean to say you was brought up there?" "Mr. Hogarth was my uncle," said Elsie. "Oh, you must be a daughter of his sister Mary's; I fancy there was only the one daughter that lived to grow up.

I leaned forward, and in a voice that would just reach Mary's ear I said, 'I have long wished to tell you how my life is bound up with you, dear, and I never, never can be happy without you' when just then there was a mighty big shove down my bench from the fellows beyond me, who were trying to get out.

'An' a good Resolution, and a blessed ship she's been to me, piped out an old woman, close at Mary's elbow. 'She's brought me home my ae' lad for he shouted to yon boatman to bid him tell me he was well. An' me a widow as never thought to see my lad again! It seemed as if everybody relied on every one else's sympathy in that hour of great joy.

Yet in spite of this tolerant attitude of both the officials and people of Ireland an absurd story, first mentioned in a pamphlet printed in 1681, is still to be found in many books dealing with Mary's reign.

Malvintseva expressed approval, and the governor's wife began to speak of Rostov in Mary's presence, praising him and telling how he had blushed when Princess Mary's name was mentioned. But Princess Mary experienced a painful rather than a joyful feeling her mental tranquillity was destroyed, and desires, doubts, self-reproach, and hopes reawoke.

Ellis's, which, as I said before, were Aunt Mary's work; and sorry, very sorry, were both Dora and Annie Maitland to hear that Mabel had put them on without her mamma's leave. 'Well, it's no use being sorry now, cried Harry Maitland; 'we can't restore the sleeve, that's certain.

It is mortifying to be so balked in one's little enthusiasms; but looking round in quest of somebody to make inquiries of, I was a good deal consoled by the sight of Dr. Johnson himself, who happened, just at that moment, to be sitting at his case nearly in the middle of St. Mary's Square, with his face turned towards his father's house.

But she could not yet make herself believe that Mary Thorne would ever be mistress of Greshamsbury. It was so indispensably necessary that Frank should marry money! Besides, what were those horrid rumours which were now becoming rife as to Mary's birth; rumours more horrid than any which had yet been heard?

Mary's of Higham, and all will be well." Therewith he edged himself out of the chamber, and the dame fell to making a mighty clatter with the vessel and trenchers and cups on the board, while Ralph walked up and down the chamber his war-gear jingling upon him.