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Leid. But we have turnop hearts. Enter a Messenger. Now what's the next newes? Mess. The Prince is at the Barriers, and desires his entraunce Leid. He must not enter: what Company is with him? Mess. But few, and those unarmd too: about some twentie. Leid. And what behind? Mess. We can discover none. Leid. Enter 1 Captaine and Soldiers. Sold. They charge us not to let him in. 1 Cap.

O, they are sweet Jewells! He that would put his confidence in Turnops And pickled Spratts Come, yet resume your Courage, Pluck up that leaden hart and looke upon mee; Modesbargen's fledd, and what we lockt in him Too far of from their subtle keys to open, Yf we stand constant now to one another And in our soules be true. Leid.

Be not so bitter. Bar. We mix with quiet speritts, staid and temperate, And those that levell at not great but good ends Dare hold us their Companions, not their Servants, And in that ranck be ready to supply us. Your Grace is growne too haughtie. Leid. Pardon, great Sir, If those complaine who feele the waight of envy, If such poore trod on wormes make show to turne againe.

There was a blow, a full blow at our fortunes; And that great indiscreation, that mayne blindnes, In not providing such a constant Captaine, One of our owne, to commaund the watch, but suffer The haughtie English to be masters of it, This was not well nor fitting such a wisdom, Not provident. Leid. I must confes my errour; The beastly coldnes of the drowsy Burgers Put me past all my aymes. Bar.

You are governd More by your feare then reason. Mod. May it prove soe: That way I would be guiltie. Bar. How appeere The new raisd Companies? Leid. They stand full and faithfull; And for the Burgers, they are well affected To our designes. The Arminians play their parts too, And thunder in their meetings hell and dampnation To such as hold against us. Bar. Leid.

Follow me home, And there Ile give ye new directions How to proceed, and sodainely. Leid. | We are yours, Sir. Or. Bre. We doe not like his carriage. Van. He do's all, speakes all, all disposes. Or. Spoiles all. He that dare live to see him work his ends out Uncrossd and unprevented, that wretched man Dare live to see his Cuntry shrinck before him.

Leid. This cannot be denide. Bar. And so at any time we may make our peace, Returning to our first obedience Upon what termes we please. Mod. That is not certaine; For, should we tempt them once to bring their forces Against the Towne and find we give it up For want of strength to keepe it, the Conditions To which we must subscribe are in their will And not our choice or pleasure. Bar.

I was just a bairn, an' clum in Sandie's boat, whaur I thoucht I would see the best of the employ. My grandsire gied Sandie a siller tester to pit in his gun wi' the leid draps, bein mair deidly again bogles. And then the as boat set aff for North Berwick, an' the tither lay whaur it was and watched the wanchancy thing on the brae-side.

Now, my frends, I call not on your furtherance to preserve The lustre of my actions; let me with them Be nere remembred, so this government Your wives, your lives and liberties be safe: And therefore, as you would be what you are, Freemen and masters of what yet is yours, Rise up against this Tirant, and defend With rigour what too gentle lenitie Hath almost lost. Leid.

I am sorry for your fortune. Leid. 'Tis a sad one And full of burthen, but I must learne to beare it. How stands your State? Bar. Upon a ball of yce That I can neither fix, nor fall with safetie. Leid. The heavie hand of heaven is now upon us And we exposd, like bruizd and totterd vessells, To merciles and cruell Seas to sinck us. Bar.