This position requires a man of considerable firmness, as he comes in contact with every employee, and is bound to enforce the discipline of the house as applied to absentees and lates, regardless of any partiality or favoritism. He has direct charge of the cloakrooms, and must see that they are kept neat and clean, and that each individual has a certain space allotted.

Doors should be closed sharp on the minute, and all lates excluded. No matter what system for registering time is used, it is easy to determine who is late or absent, as on coming in all keys or time cards hanging on the time board are on one side of the time clock, and when the time is registered they are hung on the opposite side.

The only natural soldier of his class when, sorely against the will of most, they entered the student battalion, he promptly won the highest chevrons that could be given in the sophomore year, and, almost as promptly, lost them for "lates" and absences.

My Lord! that's generous! You're a princely fellow, Doret, but the most you can give me is a job. Work? Yes, I'll eat that up." "All right. We talk 'bout dat 'noder tam. Now, mebbe so she lak hear de lates' news from you. Dere's plenty for tellin' her 'bout Joe McCaskey an' all de res'. You can spoke now, lak hones' man. Sapre! Don' you s'pose she's waitin' to hear you say you love her?

Roberts sadly said, that half of the effort, expended years or even months before, might have saved the poor, tortured life; but now! How awful those "too lates" are! Isn't it a wonder that we ever take the risk of having one ring in our ears forever? There was one thing over which some of these Christian workers shed tears of joy. "I am too late," said Dr.

"All right den, Ambrose," continued the spokesman, "we'll 'range fo' dis sperit-summonin' contes' jes' as soon as we kin. We'll have it nex' Satiddy night at lates'. Meanwhile we-all is moughty obleeged to yo' for yo' willin'-ness to do de right thing." The great night arrived, and San Juan, dressed in its gala finery, wended its chattering way to the Senegambian séance.

"Yais, yais; dey shall be alongside by t'ree o'clock at de lates'!" answered the Portuguese. "And as soon as you have receive dem you had better veigh and leave de creek. Give dat point" indicating Boolambemba Point "a bert' of a mile and you veel be all right." "Yes, thanks, I will remember," returned the first lieutenant. "And where are we to pick you up?"