Thanks to bad weather, the Britomart only reached the threatened port a few days before the Frenchmen. Then it was found that an emigrant ship, with a number of French settlers, was coming with all the constituent parts of a small colony. The captain of L'Aube, finding himself forestalled, good-humouredly made the best of it. A number of the immigrants did indeed land.

The French frigate L'Aube put in at the Bay of Islands in July, 1840, bound for the south. Her captain, hospitably entertained by Hobson, let fall some incautious words about the object of his voyage. Hobson took the alarm, and promptly dispatched the Britomart to hoist the English flag at Akaroa.

As the journalist hung up the receiver his expression changed: he frowned, and pulling at his moustache with a nervous hand, fretting and fuming. "Hang it! It only wanted this," he grumbled. Fandor had been called up by M. Dupont, of L'Aube, the well-known opportunist deputy, who was the manager of La Capitale as well.

Bach after Lili Kerth that is the bite, that is the irony of things. Do you know Baudelaire's quatrain?" He stood up, and, without declamation, even carelessly, through his nose and teeth, gave the quatrain: "Quand chez le debauche l'aube blanche et vermeil, Entre en societe de l'Ideal rongeur, Par l'operation d'un mystere vengeur, Dans la brute assoupie un Ange se reveille."

H-u-m.... Well, the Count wrote in a woman's hand; and the finder cannot make anything out of the words: À l'aube du jour.

J'ai fort lu Platon, mais rien ne m'en reste; Mieux que Malebranche et que Lamennais, Tu me demontrais la bonte celeste Avec une fleur que tu me donnais. Je t'obeissais, tu m' etais soumise; O grenier dore! te lacer! te voir Aller et venir des l'aube en chemise, Mirant ton jeune front a ton vieux miroir.

"'Ce matin les oiseaux m'ont eveille," he read. "'Il faisait encore un crepuscule. Mais la petite fenetre de ma chambre etait bleme, et puis, jaune, et tous les oiseaux du bois eclaterent dans un chanson vif et resonnant. Toute l'aube tressaillit. J'avais reve de vous. Est-ce que vous voyez aussi l'aube?

We went for two days to "Pout," Casimir Perier's fine place in the departement de l'Aube, where we had capital shooting. It was already extremely cold for the season the big pond in the court was frozen hard, and the wind whistled about our ears when we drove in an open carriage to join the shooters at breakfast. Even I, who don't usually feel the cold, was thankful to be well wrapped up in furs.

Harleston glanced at Crenshaw as he opened the note and caught a sly look in his eyes. "Something doing, Crenshaw?" he queried. Another shrug was Crenshaw's answer and the sly look grew into a sly smile. The note, apparently in a woman's handwriting, was in French, and contained five words and an initial: À l'aube du jour.

Sus! debout allons voir l'herbelette perleuse, Et votre beau rosier de boutons couronné, Et vos oeillets aimés auxquels aviez donné Hier au soir de l'eau d'une main si soigneuse. Harsoir en vous couchant vous jurâtes vos yeux D'être plus tôt que moi ce matin éveillée: Mais le dormir de l'aube, aux filles gracieux,