"They weren't gentlemen, they were our peasants! Andrey Guryev was one; Aloshka Huk was one." "Well, I am cold talking to you. . . ." The doctor waved his hand and walked quickly to his own door. Kirila was on the point of following him, but, seeing the door slam, he stopped.

She was moaning and groaning and praying for death, and yet she looked at the man who brought her and muttered: "Let the lentils go, Kirila, you can thresh them later, but thresh the oats now." I told her that she could talk about oats afterwards, that there was something more serious to talk about, but she said to me: "His oats are ever so good!" A managing, vigilant woman.

He enjoyed excellent health up to the age of fifty, then suddenly conceived the idea of doctoring his eyes, in consequence of which he has lost one. Since then he doctors his peasants with similar success.... They, to be sure, repay with similar devotion... 'What a fellow it is! muttered Kirila Selifanitch. And he laughed. 'Speak out, my friend; eh, speak out! Lupihin rejoined.

Why, he is a convict." Kirila began crying. "Let him go!" "Tfoo, queer fellow! What right have I? Am I a gaoler or what? They brought him to the hospital for me to treat him, but I have as much right to let him out as I have to put you in prison, silly fellow! "But they have shut him up for nothing! He was in prison a year before the trial, and now there is no saying what he is there for.

'Allow me to present to you my best friend, said Lupihin suddenly in a strident voice, seizing the sugary gentleman by the arm. 'Come, don't resist, Kirila Selifanitch, he added; 'we're not going to bite you. I commend him to you, he went on, while the embarrassed Kirila Selifanitch bowed with about as much grace as if he were undergoing a surgical operation; 'he's a most superior gentleman.

This time the young peasant was not alone, but with a gaunt, very pale old man who nodded his head without ceasing, like a pendulum, and mumbled with his lips. "Your honour, I have come again to ask your gracious mercy," began Kirila. "Here I have come with my father. Be merciful, let Vaska go! The permanent member would not talk to me. He said: 'Go away!"

"Then bleed him," he'd say. And it would be highly indecorous, in your position, you'll admit. The sugary gentleman was positively rolling with mirth. 'You see he laughs, Lupihin pursued with a malignant glance at Kirila Selifanitch's heaving stomach. What! Why, one fine day she ran away with him and left me a letter.

The permanent member has a clerk." After parting from the old man Kirila stood still in the middle of the square, thought a little, and walked back out of the town. He made up his mind to go to Zolotovo. Five days later, as the doctor was on his way home after seeing his patients, he caught sight of Kirila again in his yard.

And the Herr Doctor, under outburst of the chimes of St. "On the one step of her Coach," continues the Herr Doctor, "stood Grigorei Grigorjewitsh Orlow," so he spells him, "and in front of it, with drawn sword, rode the Field-marshal and Hetman Count Kirila Grigorjewitsh Rasomowski, Colonel of the Ismailow Guard.

"Your honour," the old man hissed in his throat, raising his twitching eyebrows, "be merciful! We are poor people, we cannot repay your honour, but if you graciously please, Kiryushka or Vaska can repay you in work. Let them work." "We will pay with work," said Kirila, and he raised his hand above his head as though he would take an oath. "Let him go!