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She raised her head, and spoke, but with a lowered tone, which was again gradually overcome by drowsiness, to which the fatigue of a day's journey on horseback had probably given unwonted occasion, "I dinna ken what makes me sae sleepy I amaist never sleep till my bonny Lady Moon gangs till her bed mair by token, when she's at the full, ye ken, rowing aboon us yonder in her grand silver coach I have danced to her my lane sometimes for very joy and whiles dead folk came and danced wi' me the like o' Jock Porteous, or ony body I had ken'd when I was living for ye maun ken I was ance dead mysell."

He then led Lovel, who followed him unresistingly, into one of the interior branches of the cave. "Here," he said, "is a bit turnpike-stair that gaes up to the auld kirk abune. The Laird o' Monkbarns wad hae a hantle to say about it, as he has about maist things, if he ken'd only about the place.

"There!" she said, sitting in her rocking-chair and rocking herself furiously, "I ken'd weel what it would come til! Adversity mak's a man wise, they say, if it doesna mak' him rich. But it's the Prime Minister I blame for this. The auld dolt! he must be fallen to his dotage. It's enough to mak' a reasonable body go out of her mind to think of sic wise asses.

"God is the only father of the fatherless," said Deans, touching his bonnet and looking upwards. "Give honour where it is due, gudewife, and not to an unworthy instrument." "Aweel, that's your way o' turning it, and nae doubt ye ken best; but I hae ken'd ye, Davie, send a forpit o' meal to Beersheba when there wasna a bow left in the meal-ark at Woodend; ay, and I hae ken'd ye"

What are you, that have the tongue and the habit of the hound, and yet seek to lie down with the deer?" "I dinna ken," said the undaunted Bailie, "if the kindred has ever been weel redd out to you yet, cousin but it's ken'd, and can be prov'd.

Swankie was aye good to you." "Ay, Davy," cried Janet, putting her arm round her husband's neck, and kissing him, "but he wasna good to you. He led ye into evil ways mony a time when ye would rather hae keepit oot o' them. Na, na, Davy, ye needna shake yer heed; I ken'd fine."

"He, the ill-fa'ard loon!" answered Edie, with much frankness of manner "there wad hae been little speerings o't had Dustansnivel ken'd it was there it wad hae been butter in the black dog's hause." "I thought as much," said Oldbuck.

She was a lone woman, and it was weel ken'd how the Brownie of Ben-ye-gask guided the gudewife of Ardnagowan; and it was aye judged there was a Brownie in our stable, which was just what garr'd me gie ower keeping an hostler."

"I needna name my clan I am of a king's clan, as is weel ken'd," said the Highlander; "but ye may tak a bit o' the plaid figh! she smells like a singit sheep's head! and that'll learn ye the sett and a gentleman, that's a cousin o' my ain, that carries eggs doun frae Glencroe, will ca' for't about Martimas, an ye will tell her where ye bide.

I am a carefu' man, as is weel ken'd, and industrious, as the hale town can testify; and I can win my crowns, and keep my crowns, and count my crowns, wi' onybody in the Saut Market, or it may be in the Gallowgate.