No one would recognise me as the man whose " "As Benyon? I suppose not. Well?" "Taking all that into account, I see no reason why I shouldn't get the vacant Inspectorship of Railways. It's a nice place, and it's in your gift." Mr. Medland raised his eyebrows and smiled. "It involves travelling most of the time," pursued Benham, "and I needn't live in Kirton, if you preferred that arrangement."

"But I am too young, sir, for such an appointment." "Not at all, you blockhead; although you get a magistracy in the paragraph, you don't imagine, I expect, you should get one directly. No, no; there are gradations in all things. For instance, now, first a Chief Constableship of Police; next, a County Inspectorship; and thirdly, a Stipendiary Magistracy.

In 1883 he was called upon to reorganize the Imperial chapel. In 1889 he conducted two Russian concerts at the Paris Exposition. In the following year he conducted two Russian concerts in Brussels. He resigned his position as conductor of the Russian Symphony concerts and the inspectorship of the Imperial chapel in 1894. In 1900 he was in Brussels again.

The recollection of the conversation in the shop during the afternoon caused him a vague disquietude. The odour of the viands on Lisa's counter seemed to penetrate him; he felt himself gliding into nerveless, satiated cowardice. Perhaps he had acted wrongly in refusing the inspectorship offered him.

He tried to smooth the edge off the thing by promising me an inspectorship within the year. That was this afternoon, just before the storm. Since then " O'Connor turned and faced the moonlight for a moment. "Since then I've been on a still-hunt for the girl and Sandy McTrigger," he added. "And they've disappeared, Kent. I guess McTrigger just melted away into the woods.

If we take the Valuation Offices, the Registration Offices, the Inspectorship of Factories, the Board of Works, the Woods and Forests, the Ordnance Survey, and any and every public department, Protestants hold three places out of four, though they are but one-quarter of the whole population.

'No, added Lady Camper, 'it is no triumph for me, but it is one for you, if you like to make the most of it. Your fault has been to quit active service, General, and love your ease too well. It is the fault of your countrymen. You must get a militia regiment, or inspectorship of militia. You are ten times the man in exercise.

It was one of the caprices of chance, aided I suppose by some opposition of their interests and habits. His were centred in his office, his eternal inspectorship, which left him small leisure, constantly calling him away and making him break engagements. He liked society, but he found it everywhere and took it at a run.

It just happened that it was the very day on which the appointment of the inspectorship was to be brought before the senate. In the morning I said in his presence that I intended to call upon L'Abbadie to congratulate him upon his appointment. "You may spare yourself that trouble; the senate has rejected his nomination." "How so? Three days ago L'Abbadie felt sure of his success."

I know a good deal about you. There are many men would be glad to know, definitely, what I know." "Then ask them for an Inspectorship." Benham drew a step nearer. "Ay, and I can hit you nearer home." "You might have, once. What can you do now? She's safe from you," answered Medland, with a frown. "Yes, she's safe, but there's the daughter." "Daisy!" "Yes, Daisy."