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Ralph smiled through his red moustache, and his grey gentle eyes smiled too, a melancholy little smile that passed quickly. 'It is very kind of you. But it would be impossible for me to borrow money from you. Even if I had the money, I could hardly go with you. 'Why not, there's a party. Walter is going, and Hopwood Blunt is going. I'm the fifth wheel.

He can tow-rope this field and drag 'em to death!" "Pzzt!" whispered the jockey. "Not so strong with it, not so strong!" While the horses were on their way to the post the Bald-faced Kid escorted Hopwood to a position in front of the grand stand. "You want to be handy in case he wins," said the Kid. "You'll have to go down in the ring if he does.

Sir Basil Hopwood was the rather of the same complexion of Entrails with that Signor Volpone whom we have all seen at least such of us as be old Boys in Ben Jonson's play of the Fox. He Money-grubbed, and Money-clutched, and Money-wrung, ay, and in a manner Money-stole, that he might live largely, and ruffle it among his brother Cits in surpassing state and splendour.

We adjourned for lunch, and on reassembling found that a unanimous recommendation named Sir Horace Plunkett. The Ulstermen had expressed a willingness to accept Redmond. This he refused to discuss; but he was put into the Chair of the selecting committee. There was a recommendation also that Sir Francis Hopwood should be Secretary to the Convention.

"Lord knows I've had disappointments enough. When I bought this horse they guaranteed him to win at least every other time he started " "With an even break in the luck, of course," interrupted the Kid. "You've got to have luck too." "They didn't mention anything about luck when they took my money." Hopwood was positive on this point.

"The starter won't fool away much time with those ... there they go now! Good start." Hopwood pawed at the Kid's arm. "I can't see a thing! Where is he? How's he doing?" "He broke flying and he's right up in front." "That's good! That's fine!... And now? Where is he now?" "Still up in front and winging, just winging. It's an exercise gallop for him. How much did you bet?"

In so reading to the Skipper every day, I did not forget to exercise myself in that other art of Writing, and was in time serviceable enough to be able to keep, in something like a rational and legible form the Log of The Humane Hopwood, which heretofore had been a kind of cabalistic Register, full of blots, crosses, half-moons, and zigzags, like the chalk score of an unlettered Ale-wife.

'Twas Aylesbury Gaol over again, with the newest improvements and the Humours of the Town added to it. So, when Sir Basil Hopwood took up a cargo of cast persons for Transportation, his underlings of the Borough Clink were only too glad to harbour them for a night or two, making a pretty profit out of the poor creatures.

It was as if he said: "You can do this to me again if you want to, but I assure you now that it is useless, quite useless." Calamity leaned down from the saddle and whispered in the Kid's ear: "You can get 50 and 60 to 1 on him! The boss said he'd make a bet. Don't let him overlook it!" When the bugle sounded, Hopwood grasped the bridle and led the horse through the chute to the track.

'I don't think she can find much to talk about to Hopwood Blunt, said Elsie, laughing. 'Haven't you seen him? He is often in the galleries. 'What does she say? 'She says he's a great baby that he amuses her. Next day, Mildred went to visit Cissy in the unfrequented gallery where her 'Bather' would not give scandal to the visitors.