"Then it is time the heretico should be taught them, and, at the same time, respect for the Holy Church. But what right, Colonel Miranda, have you to interfere?" "The right, first of humanity, second of hospitality, and third that I am your superior officer." "Bah! You mistake yourself. Remember, senor coronel, you are not in your own district.

They sometimes fled to a city for the security it afforded. Serfdom, however, was rapidly disappearing. De heretico comburendo, 1401. In 1539 Valentine Freez, a freeman, and his wife, were burnt at the stake on Knavesmire for heresy. Frederick Freez, Valentine's father, was a book-printer and a freeman . Cf. French journée. Sauce was much used.

It is to be observed, however, that Wycliffe himself limited his arguments strictly to the property of the clergy. See Milman's History of Latin Christianity, Vol. V. p. 508. Walsingham, p. 275, apud Lingard. 5 Ric. II. cap. 5 Wilkins, Concilia, III. 160-167. De Heretico comburendo. 2 Hen. IV. cap. 15. Stow, 330, 338. Rot. Parl.

The "society" were horrified at her conduct in stooping to intimacy with a "lepero;" while even the lepero class, itself fanatically religious, condemned her for her association with "un asesino," but, still worse, a "heretico!" The excitement produced by this new affair was great indeed, a perfect panic. The cibolero's head rose in value, like the funds.

The old trapper for such he was died as he had lived a blaspheming "heretico;" and there was a general belief in the settlement that his widow held converse with the devil.

"Why, I used to be called Isaac Hoard to home in Exmouth, and among my shipmates, but for the last five years, ever since I've been in the hands of the accursed Spaniards, I've known no other name than `heretico'." "And the ship," I reiterated; "is she Spanish?" "Yes, sir; she is Spanish," answered the poor fellow, who looked half- mad as well as haggard, and thin almost like a skeleton.

"Asesino", "ladron," "ingrato," were the terms used in speaking of him. A wretch! to have murdered the good lieutenant the favourite of the place; and for what motive? Some paltry quarrel or jealousy! What motive, indeed? There seemed no motive but a thirst of blood on the part of this "demonio," this "guero heretico."

This then should be the rival of the false husband?" I nodded assent. "Por Dios, Senor; it is not to be wondered at that the canting heretico stood no chance in that game had it been played fairly. Your camarado is a magnificent fellow. I can understand now why the wild huntress had no eyes for our mountain-men here. No wonder she sighed for her far forest-home. Ay de mi, cavallero!

During the month following the submission, two fateful Acts were passed; one, almost without discussion, reviving the old acts, "De heretico comburendo" and others, which had been restricted under Henry and abolished under Somerset; the other repealing all the anti-Roman legislation since the twentieth year of Henry , with a proviso, however, securing the alienated wealth of the Church to its present holders.

But, O mercy! if every human being were to be held up to detestation, who in that age would have thought it his duty to have passed sentence 'de comburendo heretico' on a man, who had publicly styled the Trinity "a Cerberus," and "a three-headed monster of hell," what would the history of the Reformation be but a list of criminals?