I was going to ask you if you wouldn't go to a show with me this evening. I haven't anything on for to-night and it's slow." As he spoke he seized his coat and hat which he had purposely left in the hall near at hand, and put them on. "Thank you," said Michael, as they went out together, "I'd be glad to go with you but I have something that can't be put off."

How's the head?" Ste. Marie put up an experimental hand. He had forgotten his injury. "Oh, that's all right," said he. "At least, I think so. Anderson fixed me up this afternoon. But I haven't time to talk to you. I'm in a hurry. To-morrow we'll have a long chin. Oh, how about Stewart?" He lowered his voice, and Hartley answered him in the same tone. "The man is in a delirium.

"If" said he, "you can imagine the soul of a young Sophocles, battling with that of a of a junior journalist in the body of a dissipated little Cockney " "Can't," said Stables. "Haven't got enough imagination." "The child of 'Ellas and of Ollywell Street' innocent of er the rough breathing," suggested Maddox.

"He said it wouldn't hurt you, and it's not. You're not too tired? I haven't seen you look so well for a long time," declared his daughter.

"What is?" asked Max, smiling. "The sun why, it's swung around on the right. Say, don't tell me time's passed like that, and it's afternoon now. Why, we haven't felt hungry enough to tackle that bully lunch Max fetched along when he came back with the dog." Both of the others laughed at this. "That's one on you, Steve," said Max. "See, my watch says just ten-thirty.

I haven't seen them since. Dora's never seen them. We were married six months after I came home, on nothing. I wouldn't have risked it, but she insisted for my sake. I was at the old game, you know." Jimmy nodded.

I haven't forgotten yet," he said. "I'm only sorry you're not a trifle older, but it will teach Sergeant Stimson the folly of sending a lad to deal with me. Well, walk straight into the bush, and remember that the muzzle of the rifle is scarcely three feet behind you!" Trooper Shannon did so with black rage in his heart, and his empty hands at his sides.

She said that she had never thought of it before, and she felt so much ashamed. She could not be consoled till she was promised that she should be indulged for the future, and that I should be obliged to average the outlay already made and let her pay a fourth. When she had gained her point, Mrs. March said that she seemed a little scared, and said, "I haven't offended you, Mrs.

Bannon retorted, turning away from the table. "That's got nothing to do with it. I haven't felt less like taking a day off since I came on the job. We may get through on time and we may not. If we get tangled up in the plans like this, very often, I don't know how we'll come out. But the surest way to get left is to begin now telling ourselves that this is easy and it's a cinch.

I haven't enough money to complete the S. R. & N., and I can't raise enough, but I have signed an option to sell the road if the bridge is built by next spring. It's really a two year's job, and some engineers don't believe it can be built at all, but I know it can if you'll help.