I am expected to dinner at Asnieres, and so " She was about to go away despite Mme. Charman's attempts to detain her, when M. Lecoq thought it was time to interfere. "Why, am I mistaken?" cried he, as if amazed; "is it really Miss Jenny whom I have the honor of seeing?" She scanned him with a half-angry, half-surprised air, and said: "Yes, it is I; what of it?" "What! Are you so forgetful?

But what I do hope to know is the name of the man who entered that same house at just ten minutes after nine. He was one of the funeral guests, and he arrived in a carriage that was immediately preceded by a coach from which four persons alighted, two ladies and two gentlemen." "I do not know the gentleman, ma'am," was the detective's half-surprised and half-amused retort.

My heart stops when I see the half-surprised, half-enraptured look with which she devours him, but he is worthy of it. For he is, indeed, a magnificent specimen of man, No, rather, he is a man whose like I have never yet seen among the living. He is in the Belvedere, graven in marble, with the same slender, yet steely musculature, with the same face and the same waving curls.

And if Annabella knew the value of true wisdom, and the misery of folly andand intemperance, she would not talk such nonsenseeven in jest.’ He raised his eyes while I spoke, and gravely turned them upon me, with a half-surprised, half-abstracted look, and then bent them on his wife. ‘At least,’ said she, ‘I know the value of a warm heart and a bold, manly spirit.’

When she went softly into the darkened room where Susan lay in her gloomy bed, divided between wailings over the injuries which poor Fred had suffered, the harshness that had driven him out of doors, and the want of his brother or somebody to take care of him, which had brought the poor fellow to such an end and complaints of the wrong done to herself, the "want of feeling" shown by her sister, the neglect with which she was treated, Nettie gazed at the sobbing creature with eyes unconsciously wondering, yet but half-surprised.

He let his eyes rest upon her for a moment in half-surprised appreciation, figuring her as half-bud, half-blossom. Really, if Addie had not been his cousin and a Jewess! She was not much of a cousin, when he came to cipher it out, but then she was a good deal of a Jewess! "I'm sure it's you he's staring at," persisted Addie. "Don't be ridiculous," persisted Esther. "Which man do you mean?"

"He looks as if he had been so much oftener vexed, and so much seldomer pleased than you do," continued I, mentally comparing the smooth though weather-beaten benignity of the straight-cut features beside me, with the austere and frown-puckered gravity of my father's. "Does he?" he answers, with an air of half-surprised interest, as if the subject had never struck him in that light before.

He sat down on the opposite side of the table and leaned forward, still with that half-surprised curiosity on his face. "Then why didn't you clear yourself just now? You could have done. Why on earth didn't you explain?" A twisted little smile tilted her mouth. "Because because I wanted to keep Ann out of it. Don't you see he thinks Bradley made a mistake.

"Everyone can be managed by my aunt," said Miss Tita. And then she observed that her holiday was over; she must go home. I laid my hand on her arm, across the table, to stay her a moment. "What I want of you is a general promise to help me." "Oh, how can I how can I?" she asked, wondering and troubled. She was half-surprised, half-frightened at my wishing to make her play an active part.

I hope you're not offering to speculate in half-finished holes, or anything of that sort, eh?" "Sit down here, my boy, and I'll tell you all about it." Tom obeyed, and, with a half-surprised and more than half-amused expression, listened to his companion's narration of the scene that had just taken place, and of the plan which he had formed in his mind. This plan was carried out the following day.