"It's all I can give you for a prize, if you will have it." If he would have it? He was speechless with amazement; Maisie, thrilled too, realized that a word spoken would have rung false. The boy gloated over his treasure; but she did not know how could she? what it meant to him. To Paul the bauble was a bit of the warm wonder that was she. "How are you going to keep it?" she asked.

"That's it," said Bill bitterly. "Carpets fading, that's Aunt Zeruah's monomania. These women think that the great object of houses is to keep out sunshine. What a fool I was when I gloated over the prospect of our sunny south windows!

It surely did not look much like the immaculate machine he had gloated over the evening before, but it was a powerful, big brute of a car and looked its class in every line. Bud was proud to drive a car like that. The curtains were buttoned down tight, and he thought amusedly of the two men huddled inside, shivering and hungry, yet refusing to come in and get warmed up with a decent breakfast.

She was unwilling to indulge in an unfavourable construction; and perhaps the more so that it so far pleased her as relieving her from the dilemma of accepting it with more coldness than her love warranted, or more warmth than her reason allowed. Nay, though she gloated over his image when she was alone, she felt an undefined fear of meeting him.

There is a strong presumption therefore that the theory of endless torment is not true. Let it also be noted how hardening was the process of believing the old doctrine. So far did they go who professed it, that some of them gloated over the prospect of souls in torment. Such hardening of the heart raises a strong presumption that the doctrine is false.

He shot the green objects up into the air in all directions, and went through the performance without a break. "Isn't Andy a crackerjack?" gloated enthusiastic little Tod Smith. "Oh, say, Andy, you won't disappoint us now, will you?" "What about?" inquired Andy. "The rest of it." "The rest of what?" "Your show. You know you promised " "Oh, that's all off!" declared Andy gloomily.

For the Indians, silly things, had a terror of the upper heights of San Jacinto; they believed the Devil lived there, and money would not hire one of the Saboba Indians to go so high as this valley which Alessandro had discovered. Fiercely he gloated over each one of these features of safety in their hiding-place.

But this desire would probably have passed away after he had satisfied his curiosity, or gloated his spite, by one or two insights into Glendower's home, for Crauford, though at times a malicious, was not a vindictive, man, had it not been for a much more powerful object which afterwards occurred to him.

I went back to bed again, somewhat dizzy, between effort and the touch of the trinket, so lately hers. I held it up by its broken chain and gloated over it. By careful attention to orders, I ought to be out in a day or so. Then I could return it to her. I really ought to do that: it was valuable, and I wouldn't care to trust it to the mail.

Marjoribanks, the respected member for Berwickshire, were perhaps his favourites; but the one he dwelt with most pride on was Lord Randolph Churchill. One night he gloated so long over Sir George Trevelyan leaning over Westminster Bridge that in the end he missed him. When Andrew made up his mind to have a man he got to like him. This was his danger.