"Yes fussy, critical, disagreeable, censorious." She moved her fingers as if disentangling them from a sheet of fly-paper. "It's one of your own words, isn't it?" "Yes, but what it means is stiff, poky, awkward; and nobody else has ever called me that!" Susan Bates, with a slight touch of mortification, at once set the whole matter aside. "Cecilia is good enough at heart," she went on, instantly.

It reminded me of a lot of flies on fly-paper struggling to get away, with no hope and no chance to save them. I have no idea that had the bridge been blown up the loss of life would have been any less. They would have floated a little further with the same certain death.

"He's closer than the bark on a tree." "Well, that's nothing against him," was the answer. "That's business. He'll be rich some day. Keep all you get and get all you can is the only way to get along in the world, according to my notion." It was the Monday after school was out that Todd Walters also started to work. He was selling fly-paper on commission for his friend, the druggist.

The four men leaned over and began reading, but Pee-wee and I didn't because they didn't ask us and Boy Scouts don't butt in. "I bet it tells all about German spies and everything, and now he's going to make a full confession," Pee-wee said; "maybe our names will be in the New York papers, hey?" "They'll be more likely to be in the fly-paper," I said; "there's something funny about this."

The only safe way is to banish them all or to see that all of our food is protected from them. Screens and sticky fly-paper have their places and give some little relief in a well-kept house.

He had picked from a drawer a little tarnished cylinder, and, undoing the tape, he handed me a short note scrawled upon a half sheet of slate-grey paper. "The supply of game for London is going steadily up," it ran. "Head-keeper Hudson, we believe, has been now told to receive all orders for fly-paper, and for preservation of your hen pheasant's life."

Lady Caroline Benaresq had openly predicted that a special fly-paper was being reserved for her accommodation in another world; others, however, held the opinion that she would be miraculously multiplied in a future state, and that four or more Merla Blathlingtons, according to deserts, would be in perpetual and unremitting attendance on each lost soul.

The agricultural model, for instance, which was practicable, proved a kind of fly-paper for these busybodies. Sell much of it? Ha! Couldn't use it, I suppose, as a medium of advertisement for my article?" which was perhaps toilet soap. The attraction of dice for all these people was, indeed, extraordinary: at a certain club where I once dined in the character of "my partner, Mr.

"Does your satire find nothing sacred, Martin?" returned the other, "not even the Honorable Kedge Halloway?" "I wouldn't presume," replied old Tom, "to make light of the catastrophe that overtook the heedless fly. When Halloway went on to other subjects I was so busy picturin' the last moments of that closin' life, stuck there in the fly-paper, I couldn't listen to him.

If there ever was an aviary overstocked with jays it is that Yaptown-on-the-Hudson. Cosmopolitan they call it. You bet. So's a piece of fly-paper. You listen close when they're buzzing and trying to pull their feet out of the sticky stuff. "Little old New York's good enough for us" that's what they sing.