Great sorrow, because I am still out of Christ. May 31, 1829. My birthday is past and I am not born again. Not every day, I fancy, do such entries find their way into the confidential journals of young people of nineteen. God's flowers are all everlastings. The night may enfold them; the grass may conceal them; the snows may entomb them; but they are always there. They do not perish or fade.

I think it probable that I shall lecture in English: there is no direction whatever in the Statute as to the language in which the lectures shall be: and the Latin has so died out, even among scholars, that it seems idle to entomb a lecture which, in English, might be stimulating and interesting.

A subterranean rumbling was audible throughout all lands; a dull thundering and outcry, as though the solid earth were about to change into one vast volcano one measureless crater that would dash to atoms, and entomb, with its blazing lava-streams and fiery cinder-showers, the happiness and peace of all humanity.

One by one they killed the camels, loathing still the proffered food, But in weakness or in frenzy slaked their burning thirst in blood. On unheeded heaps of treasure rested each unconscious head; While, with pious care, the dying struggled to entomb the dead. So they perished. Gaunt with famine, still did Haroun's trusty hand For his latest dead companion scoop sepulture in the sand.

These woods, that holy grove, my long delight, I gave the Trojan prince, to speed his flight. Now filled with fear, on their behalf I come; Let neither winds o'erset, nor waves entomb, The floating forests of the sacred pine; But let it be their safety to be mine."

I had never before, and have never since, seen her so divinely transfigured. Was Death the most perfect form of her celestial beauty, or did Providence intend this first and solemn impression, as a foreshadowing of that unchangeable image of beauty, which I was destined to entomb in my memory, and eternally evoke!

With the spirits blest he feeds, Leaves us here in gloom; We can only praise his deeds, And his corpse entomb. Farewell-gifts, then, hither bring, Sound the death-note sad! Bury with him everything That can make him glad! 'Neath his head the hatchet hide That he boldly swung; And the bear's fat haunch beside, For the road is long;

Oh, trust me, Gessler will entomb him where He never more shall see the light of day; For, Tell once free, the tyrant well may dread The just revenge of one so deep incensed. KUNZ. The old Landamman, too von Attinghaus They say, is lying at the point of death. FISHERMAN. Then the last anchor of our hopes gives way! He was the only man who dared to raise His voice in favor of the people's rights.

Well, I will be merciful. You shall choose the mode of your death. What shall it be will you be hung or walk the plank? There are plenty of sharks alongside who will be happy to entomb you either way." No one replied to this address. "Speak, you heretics," he cried, stamping with rage.

Confronted by modern problems of society and government, the Mikado's ministers found themselves unable, if indeed willing, to entomb politics in religion, as in the ancient ages. Pretty soon the first step downward was taken, and from a supreme council it was made one of the ten departments of the government.