This Ivan did not doubt: and the first important solo of the first act, whereby he had planned to capture and hold the interest of the audience, depended wholly upon her! Moreover, Finocchi's costumes, finished barely in time for the dress-rehearsal, had been discovered to be hopeless anachronisms, which the ridiculous little man had violently refused to have altered in the least.

The nerves of all the company were stretched to the breaking point; and overwrought as he was himself, Thyrsis could not but pity the unhappy "leading lady", who could hardly keep herself together, even with the drugs he saw her taking. The "dress-rehearsal" began at six o'clock on Sunday evening; and from the very start everything went wrong.

If you get a hundred or so people in the stalls then it's an audience, and there's much less delay and everything goes much better. But when it's private a dress-rehearsal is just like any other rehearsal." "Only more so perhaps," said Edward Henry, smiling. He saw that he had made her happy; but he saw also that he had given her empire over him.

Her assumption of course was that she fought for the light and the right, for the good way and the thorough, for doing a thing properly if one did it at all. What she had really wanted was the theatre closed for a night and the dress-rehearsal, put on for a few people, given instead of Yolande. That she had not got, but she would have it the next time.

Braulard promised to come to the dress-rehearsal, to determine on the points where his "Romans" should work their fleshy clappers to bring down the house in applause. Martainville came several times to hear Coralie rehearse, and he knew more of the stage than most men of his time; several Royalist writers had promised favorable articles; Lucien had not a suspicion of the impending disaster.

'Has anybody begun to act yet? Or are they waiting till the dress-rehearsal? 'The rehearsals, admitted Mr Mifflin, handsomely, 'weren't perfect; but you wait. It'll be all right on the night. George thought he had never heard such a futile, vapid remark. 'Besides, said Mr Mifflin, 'I have an idea which will make the show. Lend me your ear both ears. You shall have them back.

When I told her that I adored her she blushed up to her eyes; she could not have played the love-sick girl better. We fixed a day for the dress-rehearsal at the theatre, and the company announced the first night a week in advance to excite public curiosity. The bills ran: "We shall give Voltaire's Ecossaise, translated by an anonymous author: no prompter will be present."

At four o'clock in the morning there is a grand dress-rehearsal of the birds. Not all the pieces of the orchestra have arrived; but there are enough. The grass-sparrow has come. This is certainly charming. The gardener comes to talk about seeds: he uncovers the straw-berries and the grape-vines, salts the asparagus-bed, and plants the peas. You ask if he planted them with a shot-gun.

It is almost never possible, even for trained dramatic critics, to tell from a final dress-rehearsal in an empty house which scenes of a new play are fully effective and which are not; and the reason why, in America, new plays are tried out on the road is not so much to give the actors practice in their parts, as to determine, from the effect of the piece upon provincial audiences, whether it is worthy of a metropolitan presentation.

It was as well that the girls had become word-perfect in their play before the last week of the term; for that week, at least, Vava would have found it difficult to fix her mind on it. However, it was arranged that the dress-rehearsal should come off before the examination began, so as to leave the girls' minds free for them, and the girls all knew their parts a week beforehand.