"Oh, tha's settled," announced Jeff soothingly. "Who settled it?" "Me." "You?" "Yas, me out of pyure frien'ship fur you. Lissen, Brother Lovin', an' give due heed. I comes to you d'rect frum Gumbo Rollins. He's done seen the error of the way he acked tow'ds you that time. He's cravin' that all the grudges of the bygone past shall be disremembered.

"Yes hadn't heard o' MacGlowrie's wife and disremembered your brothers." "The colonel doesn't know everybody, even if he is a fighting man," said Mrs. MacGlowrie with languid scorn. "That's just what Dick Blair said," returned Miss Morvin.

"Oh, he's he's er Lacy Bassett," he replied, blinking his eyes with a hopeless assumption of carelessness. "Let's see! Oh yes! You knowed Lacy down there at Eureka. I disremembered it till now. Yes, sir!" he repeated suddenly and almost rudely, as if to preclude any adverse criticism, "he's the eddyter!" To my surprise he was quite white and tremulous with nervousness.

"That's so. I'd disremembered. Wonder if I kin shoot as straight as I used ter?" For answer his wife, usually so undemonstrative, bent down, took the pistol from his hand, put it back into the drawer, and, slightly blushing, kissed the old man's cheek. "Why, Lily, what ails ye?" His surprise at this unwonted caress brought a faint smile to her thin lips. "Nothing."

But you cannot get them all together in half an hour except in one place, and that is along the Bronx. The Bronx is the forgotten, the overlooked, the "disremembered," as the provincial puts it. Somebody may know where it begins I do not. I only know where it ends.

I must be getting silly." He essayed a laugh rare at any time with him and so forced now that it affected McGee more than his embarrassment. He looked at Wayne thoughtfully, and then said slowly: "I reckon I did come upon you a little too sudden last night, but, you see, I was thinkin' of suthin' else and disremembered you might be there.

"When the mother saw who it was, she flew to him, and, clasping her arms about his neck, hugged him till she wasn't worth three halfpence. After Jack sot a while, he made a trial to let her know what had happened him, but he disremembered it all, except having the money in the rock, so he up and tould her that, and a glad woman she was to hear of his good fortune.

If somebody should call, you'll say, of course, that yer very particularly engaged, eh?" "Yes," said Nathaniel Leveson. "To oblige me, Mr. Panel, take your finger from that trigger." "Ah? I'd ought ter hev done that before. I'd disremembered 'twas a hair trigger. Now then, put down Sunny Bushes, includin' the oil lake, at yer own figger, fifty thousand. Got it? Yas.

There were six insides, that was all he knew. He disremembered anything about them. "Surely you notice the passengers you carry?" Mr. Crows, with the air of one propounding an insoluble riddle, asked his fare why should he take notice of his passengers? He weren't paid for that no, not he. What's more, the night was a dark one.

"Do you mean to say," exclaimed Miss Theodosia, indignantly, "that you shot the Union soldier, when you knew he was fighting for your freedom?" "Co'se, I know all about dat," responded Uncle Remus, "en it sorter made col' chills run up my back; but w'en I see dat man take aim, en Mars Jeems gwine home ter Ole Miss en Miss Sally, I des disremembered all 'bout freedom en lammed aloose.