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After dinner to my office, getting my closet made clean and setting some papers in order, and so in the evening home and to bed. This day Sir W. Batten tells me that Mr. Up and to church without my wife, she being all dirty, as my house is. God forgive me, I looked about to see if I could spy Pembleton, but I could not, which did please me not a little.

They think of nothing but their dirty little tricks to get profit, their garlic, their sour wine, their games of dominoes, their moments of lust. They crawl in this place like cockroaches in a warm corner of the fireplace until they die. Look at the scabby frontage of the house. Look at the men's faces.... Yes. So! Adequato. Aspettate.... Get back into the carriage, Amanda."

"What a pity that those exquisite hands should be so dirty! 'Do you call my hands dirty? cried Lady Mary, holding them up with the most innocent /naivete/. 'Ah, Madame, /si vous pouviez voir mes pieds!" "/Fi donc/," said I, turning away; "but who is that very small, deformed man behind her, he with the bright black eye?" "Know you not?" said Bolingbroke; "tell it not in Gath!

He showed me down to the cabin. It was a dingy, dirty little room about twelve feet square over all, but made, in reality, much smaller by the lockers which ran along each side. It was lighted by two large wooden ports, known as "chase ports," through which the chase guns or "stern-chasers pointed. With two guns in that little cabin there would not have been room enough to swing a cat.

"We hadn't begun; we were just going to, when I noticed his hands, and his nails were dirty, and they looked horrid, and suddenly it came over me that if I stayed ... those hands...." She let go of the table, put her elbows upon it and hid her face in her hands.

As they pronounced these words they looked at each other with great amazement, and with such an emotion as they could not conceal. "And from what part of Germany do you come?" said the Jesuit. "I am from the dirty province of Westphalia," answered Candide; "I was born in the Castle of Thunder-ten-Tronckh." "Oh! Heavens! is it possible?" cried the Commandant. "What a miracle!" cried Candide.

I noticed, as soon as I got dere, dat de place had run down consid'able dere wuz weeds growin' in de yard, de winders wuz dirty, an' ev'ything roun' dere looked kinder lonesome an' shif'less. De lan'lo'd met me at de do'; he looked mighty down in de mouth, an' sezee: "'Look a-here, w'at made you come an' stop at my place widout tellin' me you wuz a black man?

From this ledger he drew forth a couple of whiplashes, three or four buckles, a little sample-bag of corn, and, finally, a small roll of very dirty bank-notes, from which he selected the required amount, which he handed over to Sam.

Dyke and Joyce Norton, whom I have not seen till now since their coming to town: she is become an old woman, and with as cunning a look as ever, and thence I to White Hall, and there walked up and down till the King and Duke of York were ready to go forth; and here I met Will. Batelier, newly come post from France, his boots all dirty.

But to the old man there wasn't a difficult or a dull mark in that entire set of dirty, dog-eared little account books. He spent hours in poring over them.