O'Connor in front, bearing the book aloft, and exclaiming, "Dinnie couldn't rade it, Your Honor, but I rid it over to him, and he is parefictly deloighted wid it!" Three gentlemen, each of whom at a later day reached the Speakership, had served but a single term in the House at the opening of the forty-sixth Congress: Mr. Keifer of Ohio, Mr. Carlisle of Kentucky, and Mr. Reed of Maine. Mr.

Perkins did not perhaps wish to be seen in this room, which was for the present only lighted by a couple of candles; but HE was not at all abashed by the circumstance, and grasping them both warmly by the hands, he instantly made himself at home. "As friends of my dear and talented friend Mick," so he is pleased to call me, "I'm deloighted, madam, to be made known to ye.

Sedley, sir, I'm deloighted to be made known te ye. I suppose you'll dine at the mess to-day. "It's the 150th gives us a farewell dinner, my love," interposed the Major, "but we'll easy get a card for Mr. Sedley." Run in a hurry, with Mrs.

The only perceptible difference in their prowess was, that the mayor stood at least a head and a half taller than the major. By my faith, then, I'm deloighted to prisent ye to the gintleman we all mane to 'onor. Meiger Roger Jefferson Potter!" "Major Roger Sherman Potter, commonly called Major Roger Potter!" the major interrupted, with a deferential bow.

"Be the powers, sor," exclaimed Mick Donovan, at once executing a caper which had some remote resemblance to an Irish jig, "it's deloighted Oi am at that same! Oi fale so glad, alannah, Oi could dance for joy, loike the piper that played before Moses!" "What d'you mean?" retorted Reeks, thinking he was taking liberties with his name. "We don't have no Irish pipers or pigs in this country!"

Madam, I'm deloighted to see ye; and to present to you me husband, Meejor O'Dowd"; and with this, the jolly lady in the riding-habit grasped Amelia's hand very warmly, and the latter knew at once that the lady was before her whom her husband had so often laughed at. "You've often heard of me from that husband of yours," said the lady, with great vivacity.

The Major knocked, and at length a tall gentleman came forth, with a foil and mask in one hand, and a fencing glove on the other. Pendennis made him a deferential bow. "I believe I have the honour of speaking to Captain Costigan My name is Major Pendennis." The Captain brought his weapon up to the salute, and said, "Major, the honer is moine; I'm deloighted to see ye."

I was a lad av tin years, sor, when I furst shtepped upon the boords av a doime moosaum in the well-known characther av the Son av the Cannibal King. From that day to this, sor, I have exhibited my charrums to the deloighted eyes av the populus fer tin cints per look.