As well as Catholics, there were shipwrecks, pirates, and highway robbers. Moors and Turks lay waiting "in a little port under the hill," to take passenger vessels that went between Rome and Naples. "If we had come by daye as we did by night, we had bin all taken slaves." Inns were death-traps. A man dared not make any display of money for fear of being murdered in the night.

I hardly, dared to take a step, for I knew these underground cells were honeycombed with death-traps. I could not grope about me with my hands, for they were tied, and I knew not what pitfall my feet might find. How long I stood without moving I did not know; it might have been an hour or a day for all I could tell. I was almost stupefied by this misfortune into which I had led Max.

Bravely and uncomplainingly they answered every call of duty, ready by night or day to go anywhere, or do anything, if only they were led by men worthy of our Queen's commission, worthy of the cloth they wore. Why did they die? Was it because of poisoned or polluted water, left in their path by the enemy whom they were fighting? Not so. No, not so. The Boers left no death-traps in our path.

"I am!" spouted the renegade, for renegade he was, "I'm from the very thick of the massacre! from day turned into night, night into day, and heaven and earth into into " "Hell," placidly prompted Flora. "Yes! nothing short of it! Our defenses become death-traps and slaughter-pens oh, how foully, foully has Richmond betrayed her sister city!" Flora felt a new tumult of joy.

Any private game "preserve" that is maintained chiefly as a slaughter-ground for wild game, either birds or mammals, may become detrimental to the interests of the people at large. It is not necessarily the duty of any state to provide for the maintenance of private death-traps for the wholesale slaughter of migratory game.

He had a new anxiety about Dick, and bitterly blamed himself for having so blindly followed the woman into this horrible place, that was one succession of death-traps. "I'm very thirsty," muttered the boy. Mr. Home leaned over him. "Keep quiet," he said, "and I'll bring you some water." Taking only his Ghoorka knife and his match-box, the Hunter went on to the Cave of Skulls.

When we have crawled past these death-traps and stand in safety once more, we throw down bits of stone, and seconds elapse before we hear the dull thump with which each signals its arrival in the depths. Along the edges of some of these gloomy pits we cannot pick our way; therefore a plank is thrown across, and, trusting to so slender a bridge, we pass, one by one.

"Well, I'll allow you two opinions on the Inquisition, but not " he lifted a gesticulating hand "not two opinions on mines which are death-traps for lack of a little money to make them safe not on the kind of tyranny which says to a man: 'Strike if you like, and take a week's notice at the same time to give up your cottage, which belongs to the colliery' or, 'Make a fuss about allotments if you dare, and see how long you keep your berth in my employment: we don't want any agitators here' or maintains, against all remonstrance, a brutal manager in office, whose rule crushes out a man's self-respect, and embitters his soul!"

Logomachies, conflicts about words, into such death-traps of effort those ardent spirits run and perish. This is now almost a commonplace; it has been said before by numberless people.

Her canoe struck a rock slantwise, shuddered and swung round, but by a dexterous stroke she freed the frail craft. It righted and plunged forward again into fresh death-traps.