And Callie proved her identity by pulling up her sleeve convincing evidence beyond a doubt. Never did I see matron more delighted. Presently, following some rapid questions and answers, she said, "How would you like to surprise your former companions, Callie?" "Just what I was hoping for, Mrs. Kincaid," Callie answered. "Very well; I'll have all of them called into the large dormitory.

"You needn't take the trouble to 'aunt' me every time you speak to me," said the lady. "I know you're my niece, but I ain't goin' to remind you of it every time I speak to you. It's agein', this 'auntie' business. I don't stand for it, and as for a name, I am free to confess I always like the way Jim calls me 'Callie. That sounds younger and more companionable than 'Caroline."

No more soda water for a while, unless some one treats me." "I suppose we ought to be thankful to get home at all," Dimple spoke up. "Yes, when you consider it in that light, we're let off cheaply enough," Callie replied. "Oh, dear, where is that spring?" "Just beyond that turn," Emma told her.

Dimple felt herself to be in a very unhappy plight, and dreaded meeting any one. How should she get home through the town without being seen? She looked very miserable and woe-begone as she thought of all this. "Well, girls, we'll have to be up and doing," said Callie. "We've a five mile walk before us, and it's a pretty hot day, so we'll have to take it slowly.

There were four hired men, a woman named Aunt Callie Beebe, who was in charge of the housekeeping, a dull-witted girl named Eliza Stoughton, who made beds and helped with the milking, a boy who worked in the stables, and Jesse Bentley himself, the owner and overlord of it all.

"I’ll ask around. Have any trouble comin’ up?" "No. Greyfeather and Runnin’ Fox were scoutin’ for us." "Stage was jumped yesterday on th’ Sonora road," Callie volunteered. "One men got him a bullet in th’ shoulder, but they got away clean. It was Kitchell, th’ driver thought. Captain Bayliss took out a patrol right away. You plannin’ on goin’ back with Kitchell out?"

It is probable that from the rains of the ancient Sedjelmasa, some of the modern villages have been constructed. The towns and districts of Tafilett once formed an independent kingdom. The present population has been estimated at some ten thousand, but this is entirely conjectural. Callié mentions the four towns of Ghourlan, L'Eksebi, Sosso and Boheim as containing eleven or twelve thousand souls.

The crisp air blowing into the stable, carrying something beside the scents of the town, gave him a suggestion. "How about Sage, Callie?" The boy thought seriously and then nodded. "YeahSage. That’s gray an’ it’s purty, smells good, too." Drew pulled up his shirt, dug into the pocket of the money belt for the horse papers. "Got a pencilor betterpen and ink around here anywhere?"

The next morning, as soon as we could politely leave our kind host and family, we returned to that 'dope' den, Callie to prepare the two young men, I to take charge of the girl, and all of us to return on an early train to San Jose.

You don't look like it." "No, because God, for Jesus Christ's sake, forgave all my sins, cured me of all my bad habits, and has set me on the solid Rock, and I'm on my road to heaven. When you knew me I was on my road to hell." "But I never knew you." "Yes, you did. I'm Callie ." "What! You don't say so! Well, well! wonders will never cease.