"Surely I have some association with that name?" "You have probably heard of him, Mrs. Delamayn, as the heir to Miss Brinkworth's Scotch property?" "Exactly! Have you brought Mr. Brinkworth here to-day?" "I bring his apologies, as well as Sir Patrick's. They went to Edinburgh together the day before yesterday.

You are Arnold Brinkworth's wife. I wish you joy, and good-by forever." Address those lines: "To Mrs. Arnold Brinkworth;" instruct the messenger to leave the letter late that night, without waiting for an answer; start the first thing the next morning for his brother's house; and behold, it was done! But even here there was an obstacle one last exasperating obstacle still in the way.

"Arnold Brinkworth's most intimate friend!" she exclaimed. "He ought to know if any body does. This is dreadful. Why should Mr. Geoffrey Delamayn tell you?" "I am going to marry him," answered Mrs. Glenarm. "That is my excuse, dear Lady Lundie, for troubling you in this matter." Lady Lundie partially opened her eyes in a state of faint bewilderment. "I don't understand," she said.

I can find out who was with her. I can follow Mr. Brinkworth's proceedings, behind Mr. Brinkworth's back. I can search out the truth, without depending on people compromised in this black business, whose interest it is to deceive me. And I will do it to-day!" She closed the fan with a sharp snap of triumph, and settled herself on the pillow in placid enjoyment of her dear friend's surprise. Mrs.

'Thanks to the captain, I said to her, in the most cordial manner, 'we have absolutely nothing to discuss. I shall catch the next train, and set Arnold Brinkworth's mind quite at ease. To come back to serious things, I have engaged to produce you, in the presence of every body your wife included on Saturday next. I put a bold face on it before the others.

Brinkworth's chance of clearing himself from an odious suspicion which rests upon him, and upon another Person present. That is an after-matter. The object immediately before us so far as a woman can pretend to understand it is to establish my step-daughter's right to call Mr. Brinkworth to account in the character of his wife.

"You assert the prior marriage," he said to his colleague. "It rests with you to begin." Mr. Moy cast a preliminary look round him at the persons assembled. "The object of our meeting here," he said, "is, if I am not mistaken, of a twofold nature. Brinkworth's marriage, to the proof.

The surgeon interposed before Sir Patrick could appeal to him. "Mr. Brinkworth's interest in the young lady a little exaggerates the state of the case," he said. "I have seen her, at Lady Lundie's request; and I can assure you that there is not the slightest reason for any present alarm. Miss Lundie has had a nervous attack, which has yielded to the simplest domestic remedies.

If he declared her to be Arnold Brinkworth's wife, he must direct to her as Arnold Brinkworth's wife; or who could tell what the law might say, or what scrape he might not get himself into by a mere scratch of the pen! The more he thought of it, the more persuaded he felt of his own cleverness here, and the hotter and the angrier he grew. There is a way out of every thing.

"I say again I believe him, and not you." "You believe I am Arnold Brinkworth's wife?" "I am certain of it." "You tell me that to my face?" "I tell you to your face you may have been Geoffrey Delamayn's mistress; you are Arnold Brinkworth's wife." At those words the long restrained anger leaped up in Anne all the more hotly for having been hitherto so steadily controlled.