Emmeline closed the door noiselessly, and Miss Gibbie, left alone, put down the pearl breast-pin she had been holding and took her seat in the chintz-covered chair, with its gay peacocks and poppies, and put her feet on the footstool in front. In the mirror over the mantel she nodded at herself. "I wonder what makes you such a contrarious person, Gibbie Gault?

Andrew's only reply to his assertion that he was a literary man was a rather severe and prolonged scrutiny of his oily locks, his dainty mustache, his breast-pin, his watch-seals, and finally his straps and his boots. For Andrew firmly believed that neglected hair, Byron collars, and unblackened boots were the first signs of literary taste.

In its arrowy passage it seemed scarcely to rise more than two or three feet above the horizontal, and shot through the air with such unerring aim that I really believe he could have struck a breast-pin on a player's front nine times out of ten.

A pulled nose. Brother of the blade. A soldier. Brother of the bolus. A doctor. Brush. To flatter, to humbug. Bug. A breast-pin. Bugger. A pickpocket. Bull. A locomotive. Bull-traps. Rogues who personate officials to extort money. We could multiply these examples, but the above are sufficient to illustrate this branch of our subject.

'Didn't I tell you so! said the Darning-needle. 'I am too fine! 'Now she is good for nothing! said the Fingers; but they had to hold her tight while the cook dropped some sealing-wax on the needle and stuck it in the front of her dress. 'Now I am a breast-pin! said the Darning-needle. 'I always knew I should be promoted.

Molineux, first the agent and then the provisional assignee, had found in Cesar's house everything the poor man owned, even the engraving of Hero and Leander which Popinot had given him, his personal trinkets, his breast-pin, his gold buckles, his two watches, things which an honest man might have taken without thinking himself less than honest. Constance had left her modest jewel-case.

"You see how it is. You see what a life I lead. A man can't be wise all the time. In a heedless moment I gave my darling No. 6 excuse my calling her thus, as her other name has escaped me for the moment a breast-pin. It was only worth twenty-five dollars that is, apparently that was its whole cost but its ultimate cost was inevitably bound to be a good deal more.

Ma Snow wore her coral-rose breast-pin, and a tortoise-shell comb thrust through her knob of ginger-colored hair added to her dignity and height; while Miss Vi and Miss Rosie Snow were buttoned into their stylish princess gowns, with large red bows sprouting back of each ear.

A milder form of sorrow finds its inexpensive and lasting remembrancer in the coarse and ugly but indestructible 'immortelle' which is a wreath or cross or some such emblem, made of rosettes of black linen, with sometimes a yellow rosette at the conjunction of the cross's bars kind of sorrowful breast-pin, so to say.

He would not ask anybody to recommend him pupils there was no need for his acquaintances to know, and if he asked Peter, Peter would probably play him some philanthropic trick. No, he would advertise. After he had spent his last gold breast-pin in advertisements, he realised that to get piano-forte pupils in London was as easy as to get songs published.