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Dry your eyes, Laura, and try to smile, then go to the garden and call my maids of honor; and you, brother, come with me to the queen-mother, who is in her boudoir." "No!" said the prince, fiercely; "I cannot see her now, I could not control myself. I could not seem quiet and indifferent while I am suffering such tortures."

She was out, but her maid gave me a coat and skirt, which though much too big served my purpose. After having tea with Peter, who was ill in bed, I drove up to thank the lady for her clothes. She was lying on a long, thickly pillowed couch, smoking a cigarette in a boudoir that smelt of violets.

Then she told him in confidence that Sir Robert made difficulties, "but there is nothing in it," she added. "The Duke has provided for everything, and he means Sir Robert to be Premier. He could not refuse that; it would be almost an act of treason." Two days after she sent for Mr. Ferrars, early in the morning, and received him in her boudoir. Her countenance was excited, but serious.

Add to this, that I am forced to transform into a chapel my elegant and tasty boudoir, on the ground-floor, where I have passed so many delicious tete-a-tetes. Alas! what a change! what a shocking fashion, that we are now all again to be Christians!" PARIS, August, 1805.

The name of the owner, Ferdinand du Tillet, one of the richest bankers in Paris, is enough to explain the luxury of the whole house, of which this boudoir is but a sample.

These things should be left for the privacy of the boudoir or smoking den where they will afford much innocent amusement. The fact that the teeth are of the latest mode does not in any way condone the breach. Leniency in such matters is not recommended.

I begged him to preserve himself for my funeral oration. He answered cruelly that there was nothing he could refuse me. The Court Travels in Picardy and Flanders. The Boudoir Navy. Madame de Montespan Is Not Invited. The King Relates to Her the Delights of the Journey. Reflections of the Marquise.

Then I began to examine a waste-paper basket in the boudoir I'd personally seen Lady Carstairs tear up some letters which she received yesterday morning by the first post, and throw the scraps into that basket, which hadn't been emptied since. And I found this, gentlemen and you can, perhaps, draw some conclusion from it I've had no difficulty in drawing one myself."

The Maréchale was just then occupying the suite of apartments allotted to her in the Palace, and there Jude waited impatiently until half-past three before the young widow arrived in her boudoir accompanied by her maid. "You did not expect me here, Madame Baroness," he said. "In truth I did not, sir," she replied with cold surprise. "I am the bearer of good news to you." "Indeed!"

She was not greatly pleased at the idea of spending the morning with her sister, for she devoted the early hours to religious reading whenever she was able; but she was the most obliging woman in the world, and so she quietly put aside her own wishes, and mounted the stairs to Miss Dabstreak's boudoir.