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And my sister says, 'She must have come across the fields somehow. And I says, 'I met a slip of a girl in the wood, and made believe that I was going to shoot her. And says Mrs. Bosher, 'It's the same girl, take my word for it, says she. 'And, you, Jim, she says, 'step over to the lock the first thing in the morning, and ask Mrs.

While she did this at a side table, Mrs. Bosher was ironing linen at the table in the middle of the room. From time to time the sharp, sensible eyes of the woman rested upon the face of the girl, and at such moments the top of the black bonnet nodded as if it were alive. When Juliet had finished her task Mrs. Bosher said, "Now, you shall have bread-and-milk for supper, and then go to bed."

"What!" exclaimed the other two, laughing, "old Bosher keep a diary! How do you know that?" King looked very mysterious, and then said, laughing, "I say, what would you give for a squint at it?" "Have you got it, then?" "Rather," said King, producing a small notebook from his pocket. "I found it in the Big just now."

It did not increase the number of cast-off boots, and most of the people who 'cast off' their boots generally gave them to someone or other. The only difference It can have made was that possibly a few persons who usually threw their boots away or sold them to second-hand dealers may have been induced to send them to Mr Bosher instead.

"Go it, you fellows," shouted one voice, very like Parson's, only the mouth was so full that it was hard to say for certain. "Jolly good dough-nuts these; have another, Bosher, you've only had four. I say, Cusack, where did you catch these prime herrings? Best I've tasted since I came here.

Two days before the election a mass meeting of juniors and Limpets of all houses and ages, summoned by proclamation, was held in a corner of the playground, "to hear addresses by the candidates, and elect a member for Shellport." Pringle, of course, was to figure as his distant uncle, and upon the unhappy Bosher had fallen the lot of assuming the unpopular role of Mr Cheeseman.

A short prayer from Bosher closed the meeting, and now the reason for the presence of the two poverty-stricken-looking shabbily dressed disciples was made manifest, for while the better dressed and therefore more respectable Brothers were shaking hands with and grinning at each other or hovering round the two clergymen and Mr Sweater, these two poor wretches carried away the harmonium and the lantern, together with the hymn books and what remained of the tracts.

"Very good," he said to Mrs. Bosher's brother; "we will take her in charge. It happens very fortunately that we are going to London to-day, and so can dispose of her. How much anxiety and trouble her bad conduct has caused! It was very clever of Mrs. Bosher to guess who the girl was." "Yes, sir, so it was.

Parson and Telson, having taken the precaution to send Bosher and Lawkins early in the day to keep seats for them on the round bench under the schoolhouse elms, viewed the match luxuriously, and not a little to the envy of other juniors, who had to stand or sit on the ground where they could.

"Oh, no; not that, old man," said King, still friendly, and very slowly unbuttoning his jacket; "but I'll apologise, Telson, you know." "Don't want any apologising; I want to fight," said Telson. "I'll take young Bosher too." "Oh!" said Bosher, rather alarmed, "I don't want to fight." "I knew you were a beastly funk!" said Telson, scornfully. "No, I'm not," said Bosher, meekly.

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