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We have very little worth stealing, and yet I feel more secure if there are locks upon our doors and if the windows are fastened down. Uncle Si knew that we would need bolts and locks and other similar hardware fixtures; the neighbors, our busiest advisers, knew it, too; yet nobody ever said booh about these things to us.

Their child, a fine boy about ten months old, broke the silence by saying "booh, booh," very well, and holding out little hands to his father, who had often been scornfully kind to him. "Oh, Caryl, Caryl, you will never forsake him!" cried the young mother, holding him up with rapture, and supporting his fat arms in that position; "he is the very image of you, and he seems to know it.

There was some excuse, of course, but his real reason obviously was to have a look at her employer and at the same time show the man that she had a male protector. Booh! . . . But Joe had smiled at Greesheimer and had withdrawn quite reassured, leaving her and her job in peace. As Ethel's business life went on, her self-confidence grew apace.

He came straight to his father, giving only a nod to Mistress Felicity, who twisted her head in a demure little way, as though in mockery of his important manner. "Booh! my lord duke!" she said almost under her breath. "Well, my son," said Enderby, giving him his hand, "your face has none so cheerful a look. Hast thou no welcome for thy father?"

Booh! With a twirl of the nut-crackers at the portrait. Crack! crack! crack. Slowly, on Mr. Jasper's part. Crack. Sharply on the part of Edwin Drood. Silence on both sides. 'Have you lost your tongue, Jack? 'Have you found yours, Ned? 'No, but really; isn't it, you know, after all Mr. Jasper lifts his dark eyebrows inquiringly.

When she seemed about to turn her restlessly bobbing head toward him, his hands moved and the strong muscles of his face worked in excitement. Then, when she smiled his way and for an instant there was a flash of tiny, milk teeth, that man, the old silly, made the most dreadful facial contortion, something between a wink, a smile, a booh and a grimace.

Den two time go, fight good deal run away, too. Den try harder set fire to wigwam go up hill; Yankee run away." "This is plain enough, and quite graphical. Wigwam on fire? Charlestown is not burnt, Nick?" "Dat he Look like old Council Fire, gone out. Big canoe fire booh booh Nick nebber see such war before wah! Dead man plenty as leaves on tree; blood run like creek!"

For there, buzzing and struggling in the boy's curls, was one of the wasps, which was killed by Fred, who squeezed it between two pieces of stick, and placed it beyond the power of doing mischief. "Ha, ha, ha!" said Philip, when there was no more danger: and when he had got his breath again, "What a game!" "Booh," said Harry; "was it? You wouldn't like to go and try again."

Gustel won't believe booh, booh, booh that you know a man who has seen the fairies!" Mother could not help laughing. "Don't be so absurd, Lotty. Of course Gustel does not understand what you mean. Gustel," she said, "you are a Catholic and believe in the saints; they saw very queer things too, sometimes, didn't they?"

I don't know it's rather an out-of-the-way thing for an Essex poacher to think of but, you know, I should say now it looks more as if old Gawdy had managed the job himself. Booh! I hate to think of it! have some whisky, Williams! The facts were communicated by Williams to Dennistoun, and by him to a mixed company, of which I was one, and the Sadducean Professor of Ophiology another.

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