A crowd of worshippers were kneeling upon the floor of the Cathedral, unobstructed in those days by seats and pews, except on one side, where rose the stately bancs of the Governor and the Intendant, on either side of which stood a sentry with ported arms, and overhead upon the wall blazed the royal escutcheons of France.

«§ 693. Les bancs de ces schistes poudingues forment dans la montagne une épaisseur d'environ cent toises, comptées de l'est

«Quelques-uns de ces bancs, remplis de cailloux, offrent une particularité bien remarquable; on voit

«Je ne fatiguerai point le lecteur du dénombrement inutile de tous les bancs pierreux de ces substances qui se succèdent le long de la vallée, et prenant seulement le résultat de mes observations, je me bornerai

At the moment when M. Baze, one of the Questors, ascended the Tribune to deposit his vote, a Representative, belonging to what was called "Les Bancs Elyséens" approached him, and said in a low tone, "To-night you will be carried off." Such warnings as these were received every day, and, as we have already explained, people had ended by paying no heed to them.

From one side a busy high road, strings of cyclists, char a bancs driving past, bearing parties of brawling trippers, clouds of dust, the echo of the drivers' horns, and the continued whirl of wheels; and on the other deep bay windows looking on to a lawn of softest green, winding paths shaded with grand old trees, and, beyond all, a meadow stretching down to the riverside, where punt and canoe stood waiting in happy proximity, and clumps of bamboos flourished in eastern luxuriance.

You can tramp up and down the one-thousand-metre-long trellis walk, sheltered from wind and rain. Do you wish to drive? There are carriages of all descriptions, chars-a- bancs, landaus, pony-carriages, and even a donkey-cart, at your service. Do you care to ride? There are one hundred and fifty horses eating their heads off in the Imperial stables waiting for you.

He finds those particular strata in the other side of the mountain col de la Seigne, and gives us the following observations: "Plus bas on passe entre deux bancs de ces mêmes brèches, entre lesquels sont interposées des couches d'ardoises noires et de grès feuilletés micacés, dont la situation est la même.

Je vis aussi dans une halle un spectacle lamentable: c'étoient des chrétiens, hommes et femmes, que l'on vendoit. L'usagé est de les faire asseoir sur les bancs. Celui qui veut les acheter ne voit d'eux que le visage et les mains, et un peu le bras des femmes. A Damas j'avois vu vendre une fille noire, de quinze

«§ 287. Les pentes rapides des bancs dont est formé le mole, les directions variées de ces mêmes bancs sont aussi conformes