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He proposed to Mother actually proposed to her and after all he'd said to that Theresa girl, about his being perfectly happy if he could marry her. And Mother Mother all the time not knowing! Oh, I'm so glad I was there to rescue her! I don't mean at the proposal I didn't hear that. But afterward. It was like this. They had been out automobiling Mother and the violinist.

"And some of them have splendid automobiles. I've been envying them; and only this morning I was saying to my little girl, what a lot of nice things there are that women and children can't do, travelling alone automobiling for one. Then, when I came on that advertisement of yours, I just screamed. It did seem as if the Hand of Providence must have been pointing it out.

Afterward we met him and towed him nine miles, and what swearing he did was all the other way; however, I mustn't get ahead of the story, or anticipate, as they say in novels. Getting two hundred and fifty dollars from pa was the next step, and of all my automobiling experiences it was certainly the worst.

I will make dad think that automobiling is a sport next to fox hunting, and I will drop in this afternoon and tell you about it," and the Bad Boy took his breakfast food and went home. "Jerusalem, but you are a sight," said the groceryman late in the afternoon, as the bad boy came in with a pair of black goggles on, his coat torn down the back and his pants ripped up the legs.

The charm of automobiling lies less in the sport itself than in the unusual contact with people and things, hence any description of a tour would be incomplete without reflections by the way; the imagination once in will not out; it even seeks to usurp the humbler function of observation.

The snow made automobiling impossible, and at half past nine that evening Ditmar had escorted Janet to the station in a cab, and she had taken the train for Hampton. For a while she sat as in a trance. She knew that something had happened, something portentous, cataclysmic, which had irrevocably changed her from the Janet Bumpus who had left Hampton that same morning an age ago.

Dere is goot automobiling roads." "Are you going to Jersey City?" "Sure. I goes by dot on der ferry. Den I skips out by der Plank Roat, und maybe I goes me out to der Oranges Mountains. I am just learning to run my car goot!" "I'll go with you!" cried Larry. "Have you room in your car for two?" "Surely! For four, if you likes to bring 'em.

"Where will you go?" inquired Dalmar-Kalm. "I might be able to join you somewhere en route." "Well, that's one of the things we haven't quite settled yet," replied Mrs. Kidder. "Almost anywhere will suit me. We can just potter around. It's the automobiling we want. You know, this is our first time in Europe, and so long as we're in pretty places, it's much the same to us."

"I hope I may learn to do so," spoke Dick, "for I'm going to have a craft of my own." "Are you indeed?" asked the captain, interestedly. "It's rather an expensive pleasure not like automobiling." "Well, luckily or not, I happen to have plenty of money," said Dick. "I'm going to have quite a large machine built."

"However, he went automobiling with the Montgomerys through to Chicago. And on the road he fell into some pond, or river, and he can't swim " "But he can skate beautifully," sighed Corinne. "I hope there'll be good skating this winter on Clinton River." "Me, too! And me! Oh, I adore skating!" were the chorused exclamations from the group. Corinne now noted that Nancy had finished. "Come!

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