With an almost imperceptible wave of a fat white hand, he conveyed to Ashe that he desired him to sit down. With a stately movement of his other hand, he picked up a kettle, which simmered on the hob. With an inclination of his head, he called Ashe's attention to a decanter on the table.

Paris looked very modern after the peculiar quaint richness and air of the Middle Ages which distinguish Rouen. Rooms had been engaged for Mrs. Ashe's party in a pension near the Arc d'Etoile, and there they drove immediately on arriving.

All the human beings worked with practiced ease, even while masked and submerged, to set the probe in place, aiming it landward at the check point of the Finger's protruding nail of rock. After Ashe made the final adjustments, tested each and every part of the assembly, he gestured them in. Karara's swift hand movement asked a question, and Ashe's sonic code-clicked in reply: "At twilight."

Ashe's travelling-dress and Katy's dark blue ulster. "Some countrified friend from that dreadful Western town where they live," she said to herself. "How foolish of Philip Carr to try to send his girls to Europe! He can't afford it, I know." Her voice was rather rigid as she inquired, "And what brings you here? to this house, I mean?"

"But that is not the point I desired to discuss," said the Commissioner. The spirit of the Actual Settler beamed in Ashe's face. "Beautiful," he said, with enthusiasm. "Valley as level as this floor, with just a little swell on, like the sea, and rich as cream. Just enough brakes to shelter the cattle in winter. Black loamy soil for six feet, and then clay. Holds water.

I said it over and over so as to remember, and have forgotten it after all." "It was somefin like the name of a sweety," said Poppy, racking her brain so hard she brought a frown to her brow. "Was it somefin drop, or rock, or " "I know it was something like Edinburgh Rock." "Plymouth Rock, perhaps," said Miss Ashe's voice, close behind them.

"If that's what they're hunting" there was amusement in Ashe's tone "they won't find much. The Foanna have better locks than their enemies have keys. You heard Ynlan before we left any secrets left will remain secrets." "But there's bait bait for a trap!" argued Ross. "You're right!" To the younger man's joy Ashe's enthusiasm was plain.

"She's a thorough-bred." He said it almost challengingly. From the direction of the slough two shots sounded, presently followed by two more. Then the gleeful yipping of Tommy's Ashe's retriever, and Tommy's stentorian encouragement: "That's the boy. Fetch him." Close upon this Mr.

The stimulus, whatever it was, played upon his vanity. He, too, sought an opening and found it. Soon it was he who was monopolizing the conversation with an account of two days spent with Bismarck in a Prussian country-house, during the triumphant days of the winter which followed on Sadowa. The story was brilliantly told, and of some political importance. But it was disfigured by arrogance and affectation, and Ashe's eyes began to dance a little. Cliffe meanwhile could not forget that he was in the presence of a rival and an official, could not refrain after a while from a note of challenge here and there. The conversation diverged from the tale into matters of current foreign politics. Ashe, lounging and smoking, at first knew nothing, had heard of nothing, as usual. Then a comment or correction dropped out; Cliffe repeated himself vehemently only to provoke another. Presently, no one knew how, the two men were measured against each other corps

Ashe's eyes met those of the maid, who was trying to hide her smiles, and he and she both laughed. "What do you think about it, eh, Blanche?" "I think her ladyship is much better as she is," said the maid, decidedly. "She'd have felt very strange when she got there." Kitty turned upon her like a whirlwind. "Go to bed!" she said, putting both hands on the shoulders of the maid. "Go to bed at once!