An' then Lucky went on: 'There are many wolves in sheep's claithing, among us, my man; mony deils aneath the masks o' zealous professors, roaming about in kirks and meetinghouses o' the land. It was but the year afore the last that the people o' the town o' Auchtermuchty grew so rigidly righteous that the meanest hind among them became a shining light in ither towns an' parishes.

There maybe vouts aneath vouts, for them 'at ye can win intill 's half fu' o' yird an' stanes.

"Aweel, atween that very rock aneath us and the coming tide, I saw, or thought I saw for the tale is so dreamlike that the whole might pass for a vision of the night, I saw the form of a man; his plaid was grey, his face was grey; and his hair, which hung low down till it nearly came to the middle of his back, was as white as the white sea-foam.

"Ye ill-designed villains!" cried he at a venture, "what gart ye close the sluice? I s' learn ye to min' what ye're aboot. Deil tak' ye for rascals!" And he seized one in each brawny hand. "Annie Anderson was droonin' aneath the waste-water," answered Curly promptly. "The Lord preserve 's!" said the miller, relaxing his hold "Hoo was that? Did she fa' in?" The boys told him the whole story.

But, nevertheless, I trust and hope, that though the virgin bride of protestantism be for a season thrown on her back, she shall not be overcome, but will so strive and warsle aneath the foul grips of that rampant Arminian, the English high-priest Laud, that he shall himself be cast into the mire, or choket wi' the stoure of his own bakiefu's of abominations, wherewith he would overwhelm and bury the Evangil.

He and his friends never questioned her truth, but went with her, and she conducted them to her father's house, and lodged them in the hay-loft. It seems that Menie Adams was, however, at the time betrothed to the prelatic curate that had been laid upon the parish, and that, in consequence, aneath her courtesy, she had concealed a very treacherous and wicked intent.

"Dinna stir yer tea as if ye was churnin' butter, nor let on 'at the scones is no our am bakin'." "If Tibbie says onything aboot the china yer no' to say 'at we dinna use it ilka day." "Dinna lean back in the big chair, for it's broken, an' Leeby's gi'en it a lick o' glue this meenute." "When Leeby gies ye a kick aneath the table that'll be a sign to ye to say grace."

"But the brood-hen," remonstrated Mysie "ou, she's sitting some gate aneath the dais in the hall, and I am feared to gae in in the dark for the dogle; and if I didna see the bogle, I could as ill see the hen, for it's pit-mirk, and there's no another light in the house, save that very blessed lamp whilk the Master has in his ain hand.

Should he see meet to employ you in this matter, you will obey his orders and instructions, whatsoever they may be." The Earl then put his hand aneath his pillow and drew out a small leathern purse, which he gave to my grandfather, who, in the doing of this, observed that he had several other similar purses ready under his head.

It was a' siller an' company company 'at cudna be merry ohn drunken. Verity their lauchter was like the cracklin' o' thorns aneath a pot. Het watter and whusky was aye the cry efter their denner an' efter their supper, till my puir Anerew tuik till the bare whusky i' the mornin' to fill the ebb o' the toddy. He wad never hae dune as he did but for the whusky.