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For months she had not seen Gershom quite himself, until that evening. "I have told Dolly all our adventur's, Bourdon," cried Gershom, as soon as the brief greetings were over, "and she tells me all's right, hereabouts.

And not here in Commercial Square alone, but all over the huge Rock in the darkness all through the mysterious zig-zags, and round the dark cannon-ball pyramids, and along the vast rock-galleries, and up to the topmost flagstaff, where the sentry can look out over two seas, poor fellows are marching and clapping muskets, and crying "All's Well," dressed in cap and feather, in place of honest nightcaps best befitting the decent hours of sleep.

'Come an' let us be happy together, For where there's a will there's a way, An' we won't care a rap for the weather So long as there's nothin' to pay'." "Would it not be better to say, 'so long as there's something to pay?" suggested Minnie. "No, lass, it wouldn't," retorted the captain. "You're too fond of improvin' things. I'm a stanch old Tory, I am. I'll stick to the old flag till all's blue.

"And, of course," he continued, "the wily old Welshman availed himself of the opportunity to extract your story from you trust Morgan for that! However, he has only weathered on me to the extent of half an hour or so, and I'll get even with him yet before all's done. Now, heave ahead, my lad, and give me the whole yarn, from clew to earing."

They lay on the deck with bare feet and arms, telling one another what they would order at their first meal ashore; for now the land was in plain sight. A Gloucester swordfish-boat drifted alongside, a man in the little pulpit on the bowsprit flourished his harpoon, his bare head plastered down with the wet. "And all's well!" he sang cheerily, as though he were watch on a big liner.

Never able to take a leap because I've always stopped to look, first. I'm too narrow between the cheek-bones, perhaps. Anyhow, here I stay, grinding along, wondering what it's all about and what after all's the use.... While you, you baby! are going to find out." What Rose wanted to do was to gather her sister up in her arms and kiss her.

"Hard as you can all's right." "There! and there! oh! mercy!" "Press in at my stomach." She nerved herself to do his bidding, and, following his orders, took his head in her hands, and felt about it. The anguish of the touch wrung a stifled scream from him, at which she screamed responsive. He laughed, while twisting with the pain.

When I deemed that I had waited long enough, and had assured myself that the later night would not be more auspicious for the attempt, I cut away the remaining ropes at my feet, and crouched unbound in the boat. There was good watch upon the ship, I knew, for I could hear the "All's well!" as the bells were struck, and the passing of the orders from the poop to the fo'castle.

You know, "All's well that ends well," and to be well, things must end well.

"Well," began the former, as soon as they had advanced some paces, "t' folks up yon 'ull laugh fit to split when they hear this tale! Th' owd lady is a dacent sort o' body when all's said an' done. Hoo behaved uncommon 'andsome to me." "Ah," returned Joe with surly sarcasm, "uncommon 'andsome. Hoo gave thee th' gander's leavin's, didn't hoo? Ho, ho! gander's leavin's."

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