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But when I enter'd, not abash'd, From your bright eyes were shot such rays, At once intoxication flash'd, And all my frame was in a blaze. But not a brilliant blaze I own, Of the dull smoke I'm yet asham'd; I was a dreary ruin grown, And not enlighten'd though inflam'd.

That eye in liquid circles moving; That cheek abash'd at Man's approving; The one, Love's arrows darting round; The other, blushing at the wound: Did she not speak, did she not move, Now Pallas now the Queen of Love!"

I have seen another woman who, from taste and necessity conjoin'd, has gone into practical affairs, carries on a mechanical business, partly works at it herself, dashes out more and more into real hardy life, is not abash'd by the coarseness of the contact, knows how to be firm and silent at the same time, holds her own with unvarying coolness and decorum, and will compare, any day, with superior carpenters, farmers, and even boatmen and drivers.

Now Charles was not exactly frighten'd, for he was a lively fellow, and had often been at the country merry-makings, and at the parties of the place; but he was certainly rather abash'd at his abrupt introduction to the midst of strangers. So, putting the glass aside, he look'd up with a pleasant smile in his new acquaintance's face.

"Here's the life I've sigh'd for long: Abash'd is now the Saxon throng, And Britons have a British lord Whose emblem is the conquering sword; There's none I trow but knows him well, The hero of the watery dell, Owain of bloody spear in field, Owain his country's strongest shield; A sovereign bright in grandeur drest, Whose frown affrights the bravest breast.

Surely 'twas enough the pure unhappy maid should be dead without such vile slander on her fame, and from you, that were known, sir, to have been at that inn, and on that night, with her murderers. Boy, I have evidence that, taken with your confession, would weave you a halter; and am a Justice of the Peace. Be thankful, then, that I am a merciful man; yet be abash'd."

Trimalchio abash'd at the challenge; "My friends," said he, "even servants are men; and however oppress'd by ill luck, sucked the same milk our selves did; and for mine, it shall not be long e're I make them free without prejudice to my self: to be short, I enfranchise all of them by my last will and testament.

Mázinderán thy conquering prowess knew; The Demon-king thy trenchant falchion slew, The rolling heavens, abash'd with fear, behold Thy biting sword, thy mace adorned with gold! Fly to the succour of a King distress'd, Proud of thy love, with thy protection blest. When o'er the nation dread misfortunes lower, Thou art the refuge, thou the saving power.

Being abash'd therefore at the unavoidable Blunders the thirteenth Antique made them commit, they stood still like Fools, gazing at one another: None daring to unmask, or speak a Word; for that would have put all the Spectators into a Disorder and Confusion.

Abash'd, indeed, I was; or at least taken aback, to see his holy indignation and the flush on his waxen cheek. Like a fool I stood staggered, and wondered dimly where I had heard that thin voice before. In the confusion of my senses I heard it say solemnly "And which of the twain be you, sir?"