"I wanted to shoot long before," said Harry, "but I remembered and waited until yuh said the word. Yuh shore stopped that derringer o' Stover's." "Wheah's the guard?" "Tied up outside." "Bueno. I rode down heah slow, so yo'd have plenty o' time to get posted. I suspected treachery of some kind to-night. But it was a surprise to see the majah heah. What time is it?" "After two.

"You ... Mistuh " Forrest's voice took on the ring Drew had heard at Harrisburg. "Wheah's your oar, Mistuh?" The man was startled. "As an officer, suh " Still gripping his pole with one hand, the General swung out a long arm, catching the lieutenant hard on one cheek with enough force to send him over the gunwale into the river.

"Wheah's yo' brother now?" "He's at the sod house with our south herd. These two men are the only punchers left me 'Lefty' Warren and Mike Train. There was one more. The rustlers shot him." Red Morton's eyes gleamed fiercely. "Yo' know who the rustlers were?" "Blacksnake McCoy's gang. He's been causin' us a lot o' trouble.

Val's embarrassment must have been very apparent, for after a long moment Jeems smiled derisively. "Yo' goin' ridin' in them funny pants?" he asked, pointing to the other's breeches. "Well, that's what they are intended for," Val replied. "Wheah's youah hoss?" "I sent him back to Sam's." Val was beginning to feel slightly warm. He decided that Jeems' manners were not all that they might be.

Lining them up, The Kid disarmed them. He was joined in a few minutes by Tip, White, Caldwell, and Scotty, who were driving two prisoners before them. "Bueno!" said The Kid. "I see yo' got the job done without much trouble. But wheah's the othah two?" Scotty smiled grimly, spat in the direction of the fire and said simply: "They showed fight."

"A kind of four-flushin' hombre a coyote in sheep's clothin', I should judge," drawled Kid Wolf. "Thet just about describes him," the woman agreed. "But yo' sho'ly aren't alone on yo' ranch. Wheah's yo' men?" asked The Kid. "They quit last week." "Quit?" The Kid's eyebrows went up a trifle. "All of them five in all, includin' the foreman.

Well, the surprise he had promised Ricky might cover the problem. As he reached for a certain black note-book, someone knocked on his door. "Mistuh Val, wheah's Miss 'Chanda? She ain't up heah an' Ah wan's to " Lucy stood in the hall. The light from the round window was reflected from every corrugated wave of her painfully marcelled hair.

"Well, Whiff and String Beans and Ham just rode away," said Whitey. "Dey did?" said Slim. Then an awful thought came to him, and he jumped to his feet. "Wheah's mah watch?" he cried. He hastily fumbled under the bedclothes, and brought to light an enormous, old-fashioned silver watch. Then he heaved a sigh of relief. "An' dat Ham gone, too! Now, how'm I goin' t' cook, wid dat misery wuss'n evah?"