All the people were merry except the poor Jews, who, trembling within their houses, and scarcely daring to peep out, began to foresee that they would have to find the money for this joviality sooner or later. To dismiss this sad subject of the Jews for the present, I am sorry to add that in this reign they were most unmercifully pillaged.

"Remember, dear boy, that Myra is Irish and has the Celtic temperament," said Lady Fermanagh. "Probably someone, or something, had upset her before you called, and you had to suffer for it." "It wasn't only I who had to suffer," remarked Tony. "Poor old Carlos was there when I blew in, and Myra was snubbing him unmercifully. Between ourselves, Lady Fermanagh, Myra was positively insulting.

There arose two orders of priests, who were very busy in England, and who were much dreaded. The severest laws were made against them, and were most unmercifully executed. Those who sheltered them in their houses often suffered heavily for what was an act of humanity; and the rack, that cruel torture which tore men's limbs asunder, was constantly kept going.

Have you managed to sell her to him as you did before? Tell me the truth." "He discovered everything, the monster... himself......" "Don't abuse him; though I dare say you have something to complain of...." "He beat me, he thrashed me unmercifully!" replied Lebedeff vehemently. "He set a dog on me in Moscow, a bloodhound, a terrible beast that chased me all down the street."

But there could be no leaving the girl in the hills after this; he must, as soon as he located her, bring her away; bring her into his life to his home and hers! A cold sweat broke out on Truedale's body as he lashed himself unmercifully in the still room where his two friends, one believing him asleep, waited for his awakening. Well, he was awake at last, thank God!

"Stop it, of course. Here, drive to the prison drive like fury. Good-bye, Chief Justice. Come and see me soon. Get on, man, get on!" The old horse was whipped up unmercifully, and the Chief Justice watched Medland disappear in a cloud of dust. He took off his hat to wipe his brow. Two little fragments of the white paper which Medland scattered had settled upon it. "Poof!"

As we have once before observed, Anna was a great favorite with the captain, who had petted her until John Jr. teased her unmercifully, calling him her gray-haired lover, and the like.

Maryan, with sparks of hidden irritation in his eyes, laughed. "An exaggeration! Our poor Borel has no idea of Lucullus, but that he plunders us, unmercifully, is true." "He knows how to will!" threw in Darvid. Maryan raised his eyes to him, and said: "He is making a fortune."

You have the money hidden under your tongue. Out with it!" But Pinocchio was as stubborn as ever. "Are you deaf? Wait, young man, we'll get it from you in a twinkling!" One of them grabbed the Marionette by the nose and the other by the chin, and they pulled him unmercifully from side to side in order to make him open his mouth. All was of no use.

He had spent his strength to keep the sea from claiming Steve. He had been unmercifully slashed by the barnacles. He was weak from loss of blood, and he was bleeding yet, in oozy streams, face, hands, shoulders, knees, wherever those lance-edged shells had raked his flesh. He was sick and dizzy. But he could still think and act.