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They are nothing to us, and yet a man can work himself into a perfect frenzy of temper merely by looking at or talking to another who has a fidgety way of moving about, a dainty manner of using his hands, or a general demean or that is delicate and ladylike. Men like what the magazines call "a red-blooded, two-fisted, he-man."

But by the sword of Brian Boru, you'll never get me to fall for the idea that a bunch of moonshine can handle a big woman such as you say Throckmartin's Thora was, nor a two-fisted man such as you say Throckmartin was, nor Huldricksson's wife and I'll bet she was one of those strapping big northern women too you'll never get me to believe that any bunch of concentrated moonshine could handle them and take them waltzing off along a moonbeam back to wherever it goes.

"Why do you want to saw off an old maid on that two-fisted man you've knew ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper? What did he ever do to you that was so doggoned mean?" "Now looky here, you can laugh at me all you've a mind to. All I'm sayin' is " "Oh, I'm not laughing at you," she interposed hurriedly with an assumption of anxiety her bubbling eyes belied.

"I don't think I ought," she breathed, color sweeping her face in a vivid flame. "You should worry," he scoffed. The chant of the wheels rose again, increased to a dull roar, and deadened the sound of all talk. But Lindsay knew the girl was weakening. She was no match for this big, dominant, two-fisted man. The jaw of the cowpuncher set. This child was not fair game for a man like Durand.

In him the spirit of twenty years ago had roused itself from long slumber, and the thrill of it pounded in his blood. Two-Fisted Fingers they had called him then, and he was Two-Fisted Fingers in this hour with Kent. Twice Father Layonne came to the head of the cell alcove, but turned back when he heard the low and steady murmur of Kent's voice.

Prince Albert is john-on-the-job always joy'usly more-ISH in flavor; always delightfully cool and fragrant! For a fact, you never hooked such double-decked, copper-riveted, two-fisted smoke enjoyment! Go to a pipe speed-o-quick like you light on a good thing! Why packed with Prince Albert you can play a joy'us jimmy straight across the boards!

No meal can ever be like breakfast to them that's two-fisted, and Angus was. He'd think there was something about any girl, I says to myself, seeing her through the romantic golden haze of them North Platte breakfast victuals. Of course I didn't suggest any such base notion to Angus, knowing how little good it does to talk sense to a man when he thinks there's something about a girl.

"If you could show me how to get your two-fisted man when he comes back or even the one with the red coat and the spurs and the fine line of talk " "I ain't sayin' he ain't a man from the ground up too," Brad broke in. "Considerin' his opportunities he's a right hefty young fellow. But Tom Morse he " "That's it exactly. Tom Morse he " "Keep right on makin' fun o' me.

Here was a two-fisted, hard-headed, straight-spoken man's man who had fought his way to the top by refusing pointblank to stay at the bottom. As Phil stood renewing acquaintance he realized more fully why his aunt had always had such supreme confidence in this old friend of her girlhood. "I've been working for the C.L.S. for nearly two weeks now," he explained.

It couldn't have come at a better spot. If I don't make her hind wheels climb half way up it, we'll start walking about a second thereafter." "She's a two-fisted piece of machinery," Davies encouraged. "I know her kind. If she can't do it, no machine can that was ever made. Am I right, Beth?" "She's a regular, spunky she-devil," Miss Drexel laughed agreement.