In its formal organization the Ten-dai sect is of Chinese origin. It is named after Tien Tai, a mountain in China about fifty miles south of Ningpo, on which the book which forms the basis of its tenets was composed by Chi-sha, now canonized as a Dai Shi or Great teacher.

"Yet, lenience," pleaded the hapless Ming-shu, lowering his voice for the Mandarin's private ear, "so far the danger resides in this one throat alone. That disposed of " "Perchance," replied Shan Tien; then turning to Kai Lung: "Doubtless, O story-teller, you were so overcome by the burden of your guilt that until this moment you have hidden the knowledge of it deep within your heart?"

The young Tien Wang was eventually captured and executed. Thus terminated, in the blood of its authors and leaders, the great rebellion, which had inflicted an incalculable amount of misery and loss on the Chinese people in a vain attempt to subvert the existing dynasty.

The Triad chiefs, who had allied themselves with Tien Wang, were superior in knowledge and station to the immediate followers of the Taeping leader, and they took offense at the arrogance of his lieutenants after they had been elevated to the rank of kings.

"Lay your commands," replied Hwa-mei steadfastly, "and measure not the burden of their weight." "It is well," agreed Kai Lung. "Let Shan Tien give the feast and the time of acquiescence will have passed. . . . The foothold of to-morrow looms insecure, yet a very pressing message must meanwhile reach your hands." "At the feast?"

Their great God or Tien is a Unity which comprehends three, and their human triad a triplicated being who is the parent of the human race is a lower expression of the same power, and to him has finally been ascribed the office of Creator. The Kosmogony of the Japanese begins with the opening of the sacred egg from which all things were produced.

But she bundled little Tsai Tien up in comfortable wraps, took him out of a happy home, from a loving father and mother, and a jolly little baby brother, out of a big beautiful world, where he would have freedom to go and come at will, toys to play with, children to contend with him in games, and everything in a home of wealth that is dear to the heart of a child. And for what?

Should it entail a second peril to your head " "The one whom you so justly name fades for a moment out of our concern. Burdened with a secret mission he journeys to Hing-poo, nor does the Mandarin Shan Tien hold another court until the day of his return." "That gives a breathing space of time to our ambitions?" "So much is assured. Yet even in that a subtle danger lurks.

But because we were in a fog so thick that it was impossible to see either houses or pagodas. The fog lasted all day, and this hindered the progress of the train. These Chinese engine-drivers are really very skilful and attentive and intelligent. We were not fortunate in our last day's journey before reaching Tien Tsin! What a loss of copy!

But surely it cannot be that there is aught in the story to displease your illustrious personality?" "Judge for yourself," this person said, "first understanding that the two immaculate characters figuring as the personages of the narrative are exact copies of this dishonoured person himself and of the willowy Tien, daughter of the vastly rich Pe-li-Chen, whom he was hopeful of marrying."