"Very good of you, I'm sure," murmured Dick, as the Swami bent his head and gave him a penetrating look. "You, too, then, are a seeker?" Ram Juna inquired in a low tone, but with his delicate and distinct enunciation. "Ah I hope so," Dick answered hastily, and with an evident desire to push the topic no further. "And this, Mr.

Returning from Chicago crowned with the honour which his earnestness, his eloquence, his power of reasoning, his attractive manner, and his striking physique and dress called forth, Young India lionised him; Old India met in Calcutta and resolved that Mr. Dutt of kayasth caste must drop the brahman title Swami, which he had assumed, before they could recognise him.

You can join me in my house, where Bhagabati's son and I will be awaiting you. "Before I could remonstrate, he dashed swiftly past me and disappeared in the crowd. I walked here as fast as possible." This explanation only increased my bewilderment. I inquired how long he had known the swami. "We met a few times last year, but not recently.

The Brahman dragged him into a law court, but the judge had to pronounce the Swami in the right, because of the crowd of sympathizers and defenders who followed the Swami. But still he had to pay for all the idols he had broken.

He was sixty years old when I saw him. He is called Sri 108 Swami Bhaskarananda Saraswati. That is one form of it. I think that that is what you would call him in speaking to him because it is short. But you would use more of his name in addressing a letter to him; courtesy would require this.

There were clusters of flowers in vases about the room, which gave it the odour of the renewed vitality of the year. A lackey entered with a silver tray of cups of coffee and a silver jar in the centre. Talking slowly and earnestly about the "great Karmic law," the Swami bade us drink the coffee, which was of a vile, muddy, Turkish variety.

During the two-months' voyage a fellow passenger found out that I was the Indian delegate to the Boston congress. "Swami Yogananda," he said, with the first of many quaint pronunciations by which I was later to hear my name spoken by the Americans, "please favor the passengers with a lecture next Thursday night. I think we would all benefit by a talk on 'The Battle of Life and How to Fight It."

Holy Roller, Methodist, Jumper, Yogi, Swami, Zionite he had bowed his head before their and a dozen other varied gods. And the missions in the district had come to know him as "the convert." He had been faithful to each of the creeds as long as he remained sober and as long as he sat in his room of nights reading in his Bible.

To fulfill one's earthly responsibilities is indeed the higher path, provided the yogi, maintaining a mental uninvolvement with egotistical desires, plays his part as a willing instrument of God. There are a number of great souls, living in American or European or other non-Hindu bodies today who, though they may never have heard the words YOGI and SWAMI, are yet true exemplars of those terms.

My suggestion one day to Dwarka Prasad, the young son of our landlord in Bareilly, fell on unsympathetic ears. He revealed my plan to my elder brother, who had just arrived to see Father. Instead of laughing lightly over this impractical scheme of a small boy, Ananta made it a definite point to ridicule me. "Where is your orange robe? You can't be a swami without that!"