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She was through but the stallion was through also. He had staggered in his stride, drunkenly. She saw him shake his head, saw him fling forward again, and the snaky head crept once more to the neck of the mare, to her ears, and on and on. Five hundred voices bellowed his name to lift him to the finish: "Alcatraz!" Then they were over the line and the riders were pulling up.

"The black sheep as well as the white?" "As customers." "Of course; that's all I mean," was returned. "I'd be sorry if you knew them in any other way some of them, at least." Then, after a pause, "Do you know a girl they call Pinky?" "I may know her, but not by that name. What kind of a looking person is she?" "A tall, bold-faced, dashing, dare-devil sort of a girl, with a snaky look in her eyes.

He took it and read the few lines written on it, after which he began to rub his palms together with a snaky unction eminently in keeping with the stray glints of light that now and then found their way through his' bushy eyebrows. "'And so the young gentleman had not the courage to come again himself? he softly suggested, with just the suspicion of an ironical laugh.

If not, young man, it will cost you dear; for I must have a bridal present for the beautiful Princess Hippodamia and there is nothing else that she would admire so much." "Yes, please your Majesty," answered Perseus, in a quiet way, as if it were no very wonderful deed for such a young man as he to perform. "I have brought you the Gorgon's head, snaky locks and all!" "Indeed!

The roar of the waters as Charybdis ingulfed them, gave warning at a distance, but Scylla could nowhere be discerned. While Ulysses and his men watched with anxious eyes the dreadful whirlpool, they were not equally on their guard from the attack of Scylla, and the monster, darting forth her snaky heads, caught six of his men, and bore them away, shrieking, to her den.

Besides, it's filled with strange and terrible creatures, Robin Hood that's me, though I have some redeeming qualities the Erymanthean boar, the Hydra-headed monster, Medusa of the snaky locks, Cyclops, Polyphemus with one awful eye, the deceitful Sirens, the Old Man of the Mountain, Wodin and Osiris, and, last and most terrible of all, the Baron Munchausen."

The colossus, for the first time, was overwhelmed with terror. He gave vent to a shrill, bleating bellow an absurdly inadequate utterance to issue from this mountainous frame writhed his neck in snaky folds, and lashed out convulsively with the stupendous coils of his tail. But he could not loosen that deep grip, or the clutch of those iron claws.

And her hair and brow were the colour of a thunder-cloud in the month of Chaitra , and like that cloud, the heavy sorrow hung in her great dark mournful eyes, drenching him as it were with a shower of dusky dreamy dewy beauty, and drawing him down bewitched and lost like the victim of a haunted pool into the snaky eddy of their silent unfathomable recess.

Then we came down, for we desired their clothes, and their bridles, and their rifles, and their boots more especially their boots. That was a great killing done slowly. Here the old man will rub his nose, and shake his long snaky locks, and lick his bearded lips, and grin till the yellow tooth-stumps show.

"Perhaps there is a whole party of them there now," said Fred. "I wish we could split the tree open. I shan't eat any more cherries; they smell snaky." "Get out!" said Harry; "I don't believe it was a snake at all. I wish the hole was big enough to get my hand in; I'd soon see what it was." "But if it was a snake, it would bite," said Fred, "and poison you."