"Well, I know if I were skippering a British warship and picked up the Narcissus, her owners would find I was born and bred in Missouri," the honest Matt admitted. "By the way, have you read this morning's papers?" "No, Matt. I've felt too blamed miserable about this Narcissus affair."

The reader will readily appreciate, therefore, the apprehensions which assailed Cappy Ricks when the Blue Star Navigation Company discovered it had on its payroll one Matthew Peasley, a Nobody from Nowhere, who not only had the insufferable impudence to apply for a job skippering the finest windjammer in the fleet, but when rebuffed in no uncertain terms, refused to withdraw his application, and defied his owners to fire him.

He had come up from before the mast in the ships of the Blue Star Navigation Company, and since he had ambitions he had been at some pains to acquaint himself with the peculiarities of the president of that corporation. "Give Cappy Ricks one look into Matt Peasley's face and I'll be skippering the Retriever," he declared.

"Nor did I, Bunny." "Not about the 'prince of professors' being 'in the offing' when you left?" "My dear Bunny, but so he was!" cried Raffles. "Time was when I was none too pure an amateur. But after this I take leave to consider myself a professor of the professors. And I should like to see one more capable of skippering their side!" The Rest Cure

"If we are spilt getting ashore," said White, "how do you say we'll get off again?" "The Lord knows," said Kettle. "Well, you're a cheerful companion, anyway." "I wasn't paid for a yacht skippering job and asked to say nice things which weren't true. But if you don't fancy the prospect, go back and try a trade that's less risky.

Just," he added, hurriedly, "t' see what power she had for writin'." This pretense to a purely artistic interest in the production was wondrously trying to the patience. "Skipper Davy," he went on, awkwardly, skippering me with a guile that was shameless, "it bein' from a woman bein' from a woman, now, says I 'twould be no more 'n po-lite t' open it. Come, now, Davy!" he challenged.

About the same time Matt Peasley commenced to wonder also, but forbore to mention the subject to Cappy. Instead, he went down to the Red Stack people and got himself a job skippering a tug; and great was his joy thereat, for the wages were fully as good as he had enjoyed on the Quickstep, and he was enabled to spend nearly every night in port.

Peterson, if you want a steady job skippering for the Blue Star Navigation Company you've got to earn it, and to earn it you've got to give this fellow Peasley a good sound thrashing for the good of his immortal soul. The very moment you step aboard the Retriever let him know you're the master." "Do you tank he ban villin' to fight?" Ole demanded. "Something tells me he will.

"I wouldn't be surprised. However, it will be about three months before I commence to suffer, and in the meantime I'm going to be supremely happy skippering the barkentine Retriever back to Grays Harbor, if they hang me for it when I get there. Say when!" "When!" "Here's success to crime, Mr. Consul." "Good luck to you, you youthful prodigy; good luck and bon voyage, Mr. I mean Captain Peasley."

"Friend Kettle, you put a steamer on the ground in the lower Congo; you probably had a bad record elsewhere, or you'd never have drifted to the Congo service at all; and now you're up here on the Haut Congo skippering a rubbishy fourpenny stern-wheel launch, which of course is a lot beneath your precious dignity.