It is the best tribute my piety can offer to the ultimate shapers of my character, convictions, and, in a sense, destiny to the imperishable sea, to the ships that are no more and to the simple men who have had their day.

And though the Whole may seem wanton, purposeless, stupid, we are very little folk; we see very dimly; we see only what we have the capacity to see; and there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the philosophy of the wisest of us. So also there are many events in the womb of time which will be delivered. We are the shapers, the creators, the parents of those events.

For workers of every kind not only artists, musicians, novelists, but the handicraftsmen, the shapers of useful things, of churches and houses and laws, even the labourers in the road and the garden would be living in the strength of a promise and the light of a vision. The pilgrimage was a carrying of the cross, but it was also a happy wayfaring. It was a hard journey but not comfortless.

A drastic one, he was sure; Sandemans weren't known for moderation in their reactions, especially to strong stimuli, and this was one of the strongest possible. If he lost the duel, it could easily send them back into combat with the determination to eliminate every trace of the Shapers and their kin. If he won, their reaction was less predictable.

The world parliament kept none. Eschewing traditional usages, as became naïve shapers of the new world, and ignoring history, the Five, Four, or Three shut themselves up in a room, talked informally and disconnectedly without a common principle, program, or method, and separated again without having reached a conclusion.

"It will be done, Ranger." "Thank you." Medart turned his attention back to Captain Chavvorth. "The Shapers were genetic engineers who left Terra in 2130 and deliberately lost themselves. Not long after that, they began using their own germ plasm to create the Sandeman race as improvements on humanity. The idiots didn't stop with that, though.

Deception was difficult for Sandemans, but introducing himself as Warleader rather than clan-chief was failure to reveal he was both rather than an active lie, so he'd been able to manage it. Lying was for Shapers and their kin. This Prince James was obviously related to the Shapers, from his size and coloring, but Ryan found himself wanting to believe what James had told him.

We must be shapers of events, not observers, for if we do not act, the moment will pass and we will lose the best possibilities of our future. We face no imminent threat, but we do have an enemy. The enemy of our time is inaction.

He hadn't brought the machines they wanted, perhaps, but he'd brought the machines to make them with. Here were automatic shapers, turret lathes, dicers. Here were cutting-points for machines these machines could make, to make the machines the colony on Thetis would require. He'd brought these because they had the raw material. They had their ships themselves!

I personally think they were absolute, unmitigated idiots for thinking they could create and then control a race of the most deadly warriors in the known universes but from my own experiences with Sandemans, I can't help but be grateful to them at the same time." "Grateful to whom?" Ryan asked as he entered the room. "The Shapers, if I interpret what I heard correctly."