"Oh, I'm too happy to scuff," and she kicked off the other rubber. Even while she spoke Essex Maid looked around and whinnied at sight of her master. "She knows you, she knows you," cried the little girl joyously, hopping up and down. "Of course," said Mr. Evringham, holding out his hand to the delighted child and leading her into the stall. The mare rubbed her nose against him.

He was touched with a sense of guilt for having looked so long; for not having at once called to her; and rather than give her the shock of calling now, he moved toward her, the scuff of his limp, pendent foot attracting her attention. Her start at the sound was followed, when she saw him, with amazement and a flush and a movement as if she would rise.

The crisp air stirred the bright yellow leaves which clung lovingly to the birches, and a few dull red leaves still rustled upon the stout branches of the oaks, but many of the trees were bare, and under foot there lay a thick carpet of dried foliage through which the children delighted to scuff their way toward school.

There was madness in Harrigan's hideous roarings of hate, madness in his blind rushes; but his bull-strength availed at first. He weathered destruction and managed to close again. This time the lighter man was ready for the scuff of those armed boots; he twisted and covered his face with his shoulder, and only his shirt ripped open to let blood stream from the rent.

It bumped cruelly on the steps. The Professor pulled the Missing Link to his feet, took him by his rudimentary tail and the scuff of his neck, and ran him out of the shop. He ran the grizzly monster up the street as a publican ejects the unwelcome drunk. The crowd followed, cheering still. It was an inspiriting sight.

I'll holler it in the village and git 'em to ring the bell and start 'Hecla." Away he tore. "Fire!" bawled Cap'n Aaron, starting for the front hall with a scuff, a hop, a skip, and jump, in order to favor his sprained toe. "Fire over to Ben Ide's!" He had his foreman's hat on wrong side to when his wife came bursting out of the sitting-room into the hall.

He says he is going to slit thine ears." And then he was gone as suddenly as he had appeared. Myles darted after him, caught him midway in the quadrangle, and brought him back by the scuff of the neck, squalling and struggling. "There!" said he, still panting from the chase and seating the boy by no means gently upon the bench beside Wilkes. "Sit thou there, thou imp of evil!

"If I don't make thim junketers think they're in the scuff iv a cyclone whin I get thim on the crooks beyant Dolores ye can gimme time, Misther M'Tosh. Where do I get shut iv thim?" "At Agua Caliente. They are going to the hotel at Breezeland, I suppose. There is your signal to pull out."

Men were crying: "There she goes!" "She's going out!" Doors were slamming, there was the rustle and scuff of flying feet, and in the next room Dan was evidently throwing himself into his clothes like a fireman. Eliza called to him, but he did not answer; and the next moment he had fled, upsetting some article of furniture in his haste.

Yo hoy!" Jack laid hold of the admiral by the scuff of the neck, and the doctor laid hold of Jack round the waist, the consequence of which was that he was dragged out from the branches of the tree, which seemed to have been thrown into the room, and down fell both Jack and the doctor.