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Richard repeated the intelligence to Ripton, who cried aloud that Tom was a brick. "He shan't suffer for it," said Richard, and pondered on a thicker rope and sharper file. "But will your cousin tell?" was Ripton's reflection. "He!" Richard's lip expressed contempt. "A ploughman refuses to peach, and you ask if one of our family will?" Ripton stood for the twentieth time reproved on this point.

Is it old Blaize has been putting you up!" "Never mind, uncle!" The boy nodded mysteriously. 'Look there! Adrian read on Ripton's face, he says 'never mind, and lets it out! "Did we beat to-day, uncle?" "Yes, boy; and we'd beat them any day they bowl fair. I'd beat them on one leg. There's only Watkins and Featherdene among them worth a farthing." "We beat!" cries Richard.

"Credentials!" he exclaimed humorously, slapping Richard on the shoulder. Ripton heard also the words "propagator species," but had no idea of their import. The wise youth looked: You see we've made matters all right for you here, and quitted the room on that unusual gleam of earnestness. Richard shook his hand, and Ripton's.

Amor, the word she had in mind, certainly has a connection with Arson. But the delivery of a letter into Master Ripton's hands, furnished her with other and likelier appearances to study.

General withdrawing of heads from street-windows, emigration of organs and bands, and a relaxed atmosphere in the circle of Mrs. Berry's abode, proved that Dan Cupid had veritably flown to suck the life of fresh regions. With a pensive mind she grasped Ripton's arm to regulate his steps, and returned to the room where her creditor awaited her.

Forgetting to contest the premiss, that all betrayed women are betrayed by love, Ripton was quite silenced. He, like most young men, had pondered somewhat on this matter, and was inclined to be sentimental when be was not hungry. They walked in the moonlight by the railings of the park. Richard harangued at leisure, while Ripton's teeth chattered.

And when I've got it I'm ashamed of myself. And now when I do see something unselfish for me to do, I come upon grins I don't know where to turn how to act and I laugh at myself like a devil!" It was only friend Ripton's ear that was required, so his words went for little: but Ripton did say he thought there was small matter to be ashamed of in winning and wearing the Beauty of Earth.

A fearful conspiratorial frown, that would not have disgraced Guido Fawkes, was darted back from the, plastic features of Master Ripton. Richard gave his lungs loud play. "Why, what did you say about Blaizes, Rippy? Didn't you say it was fun?" Another hideous and silencing frown was Ripton's answer. Adrian matched the innocent youths, and knew that there was talking under the table.

Convinced that events alone could stamp a mark on such stubborn flesh, he determined to wait for them, and crouched silent on the cake, with one finger downwards at Ripton's incision there, showing a crumbling chasm and gloomy rich recess. The eloquent indication was understood. "Dear! dear!" cried Mrs. Berry, "what a heap o' cake, and no one to send it to!"

"How many people are in there?" Mr. Crewe demanded. "Twenty-seven, when I came out," said Mr. Tooting, with commendable accuracy. "But it wants fifteen minutes to eight." "And who," asked Mr. Crewe, "is to introduce me?" An expression of indignation spread over Mr. Tooting's face. "There ain't a man in Ripton's got sand enough!" he exclaimed.