The clocking hen her chirping chickins leads With wings & beak defends them from the gleads My next and last is fruitfull pleasant May, Wherein the earth is clad in rich aray, The Sun now enters loving Gemini, And heats us with the glances of his eye, Our thicker rayment makes us lay aside Lest by his fervor we be torrified.

And therewithall he brought forth a certaine young man cloathed in linnen rayment, having on his feet a paire of pantofiles, and his crowne shaven, who kissed his hands and knees, saying, O priest have mercy, have mercy I pray thee by the Celestiall Planets, by the Powers infernall, by the vertue of the naturall elements, by the silences of the night, by the building of Swallows nigh unto the towne Copton, by the increase of the floud Nilus, by the secret mysteries of Memphis, and by the instruments and trumpets of the Isle Pharos, have mercy I say, and call to life this dead body, and make that his eyes which he closed and shut, may be open and see.

"Howbeit," runs Robert Mulcaster's rendering of the 'De Laudibus, "the habite of his rayment, hee shall from time to time forwarde, in some pointes change, but not in all the ensignments thereof.

I have met with some of these trulls in London so disguised that it hath passed my skill to discern whether they were men or women. "I am an English man and naked I stand here, Musying in my mynde what rayment I shall were; For now I will were thys, and now I will were that; Now I will were I cannot tell what. All new fashyons be plesaunt in me; I wyl haue them, whether I thryve or thee."

I hope you have from the beginning sufficiently understood concerning this Natural and Supernatural Advice, and the first tinging Root of Metals and Minerals, whereon the Corner-stone is placed, and where the true Rock is grounded in its kind, wherein Nature hath placed and buried her secret & deeply concealed Gifts; to wit, in the fiery tinged Spirits, which Colours they gained out of the starry Heaven by the operation of the Elements; and they can moreover tinge and fix that which before was not tinged and unfix'd, seeing that Luna wants the Robe of the Golden Crown, together with the fixedness, as likewise Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury do; and although Mars and Venus need not this Rayment, but can communicate it to the other five, yet I say, that they can perform nothing to attain any thing with wealth without the Lion, because they are not sufficiently accomodated with a fixedness of their Mercury, and a gentleness of their Salt, except it be that the Lion overcome them, that they have triumphed on both parts, and gained a remarkable Melioration altogether; this Melioration lies concealed in their Signate star, or Magnet, out of which all Metals have themselves received their Gifts.

A fix'd coagulated Mercury is found in the Diamond, therefore it is fixeder and harder than the other stones, and cannot be so broken; so the tincture of Mars, or the Sulphur of Iron is found in the Ruby, the Sulphur of Venus in the Emerald, the Soul of Saturn in the Granate; in Tin the tincture which is found in the Topaz; and Crystal is appropriated to common Mercury; in the Saphire is found the Sulphur and Tincture of Luna, but each one according to a peculiar understanding, and according to its kind, and in Metals according to their form and gender; for when the blew Colour is taken and extracted out of the Saphire, its Rayment is gone, and its other Body is white as a Diamond, wanting only the hardness that is in a Diamond; even so when Gold hath lost its Soul, it yields a fix'd white Gold Body, which by searching Students and young Artists is called fix'd Luna.

The Cyropaedia of Xenophon, and the Theagines and Cariclea of Heliodorus are poems, although written in prose, because they feign notable images of virtues and vices, "although indeed the Senate of Poets hath chosen verse as their fittest rayment."

So he took Christian by the hand again, and led him into a Chamber, where there was one rising out of bed; and as he put on his Rayment, he shook and trembled. Then said Christian, Why doth this man thus tremble? The Interpreter then bid him tell to Christian the reason of his so doing.

Therefore I know not how to order her, nor myself, nor none of hers that I have the rule of that is, her women and her grooms. But I beseech you to be good, my Lord, to her and to all hers, and to let her have some rayment; for she has neither gown, nor kirtle, nor no manner of linen, nor foresmocks, nor kerchiefs, nor sleeves, nor rails, nor bodystitchets, nor mufflers, nor biggins.

And his rayment became shining, exceeding white as snow; so as no Fuller on earth can white them. And there appeared unto them Elias with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus, &c." So that they saw Christ in Glory and Majestie, as he is to come; insomuch as "They were sore afraid."