When all in pieces, before you proceed to clean, examine with a strong glass to see if the rim of any wheel is rubbing or clashing with anything, particularly the center wheel in any full plate American watch, for these wheels are often dragging on the plate or striking the ratch wheel because it is not true, and if examined before cleaning the places where it drags, are a tell-tale of the mischief.

She made a pleasant sight, with the last rays of sunlight flaming on her sails: but for Billy's perturbation I could not account, so turn'd an enquiring glance to him. "Suthin' i' the wind out yonder," was his answer: "What's a sloop doing on that ratch so close in by the point?

But though outwardly picturesque, it has little of interest within. Castle Neroche, locally known as Castle Ratch, a remarkable earthwork of problematical origin, 7 m. S. of Taunton. It crowns the edge of a precipitous hillside, over which runs the main road to Chard. The camp is of quite exceptional strength, and occupies a position of great strategic importance.

"Just ratch back and forth and keep heavin' the lead." They negotiated the fringe of breakers to the north of the island successfully, pulled the boat up on the beach, and proceeded at once to business. Mr. Gibney explained to Tabu-Tabu what was expected of him, and Tabu-Tabu in turn explained to the king. It was not the habit of white men, so Mr.

"If it was all worked they'd be out there on them ledges jumpin' about twenty feet into the air, and hollerin' after us." "Let's whoa here and wait for 'em to show in sight," advised Hiram, eagerly. "It will be worth lookin' at." "Hain't no need of slackin' sail," snorted the skipper. "It's about like bein' anchored, tryin' to ratch this old tin skimmer away from anywhere.

If you're trying to ratch off a lee shore it's no time to be pulling down your canvas." He took a jug out of the closet, and went to the low building. The chairman followed along, not comforted. The woodsmen had piled their duffel-bags in corners and were waiting. There were long tables up and down the centre of the room. They were flanked by benches.

This flattered Jorrocks, and sidling up, he slipped a shilling into his hand, saying, "Well bring them out, and let's see how they look this morning." The stall reins are slipped, and out they step with their hoods on their quarters. One was a large, fat, full-sized chestnut, with a white ratch down the full extent of his face, a long square tail, bushy mane, with untrimmed heels.