"Weeping, scarcely conscious that I weep, O France! over the vestiges of thy former oppression, which, separating man from man with a fence of iron, sophisticated all, and made many completely wretched, I tremble, lest I should meet some unfortunate being, fleeing from the despotism of licentious freedom, hearing the snap of the guillotine at his heels, merely because he was once noble, or has afforded an asylum to those whose only crime is their name; and, if my pen almost bound with eagerness to record the day that levelled the Bastille with the dust, making the towers of despair tremble to their base, the recollection that still the abbey is appropriated to hold the victims of revenge and suspicion palsies the hand that would fain do justice to the assault, which tumbled into heaps of ruins, walls that seemed to mock the resistless force of time.

It is not denial, but it is a doubt which palsies hope. But though he has no certainty, he cannot part with the possibility, and so goes on to imagine how blessed it would be if his longing were fulfilled.

Even now, in San Francisco, how many are there in local office who can with clear conscience declare their innocence of crookedness or corruption, or fraud in elections? When it comes to throwing the stone at the staked sinner, conscience palsies the arm of many who feel disposed to throw it. Casey was once in the city prison for riotous conduct.

Do I not live ruin here?" "What did he say what did he tell you?" "No, no; not now, madamigella! I do not want to think of that man, now. I want you to help me once more to realize myself in America, where I shall never have been a priest, where I shall at least battle even- handed with the world. Come, let us forget him; the thought of him palsies all my hope.

And the people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. 7. For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed. 8. And there was great joy in that city, 9.

The latter appears to be referable to that class of proteal forms of disease, generated by a disordered state of primæ viæ, sympathetically affecting the nervous influence in a distant part of the body. Unless attention is paid to one circumstance, this disease will be confounded with those species of passive tremblings to which the term Shaking Palsies has frequently been applied.

"But he may live on at Greenwood with Ludwell Cary." Rand struck his foot against the floor. "Don't let us speak that name to-night! I am weary of it. It haunts me like a bell Ludwell Cary! Ludwell Cary! And why it should haunt me, and why the thought of him always, for one moment, palsies my will and my arm, I know no more than you!

Another phænomenon in palsies is, that when the limbs of one side are disabled, those of the other are in perpetual motion.

It is happy, my lords, that those who are inclined to mischief, are disabled in a short time from executing their intentions, by the same causes which excite them; that they are obliged to stop in the career of their crimes, that they are preserved from the hand of the executioner by the liquor which exposes them to it, and that palsies either disable them from pursuing their villanies, or fevers put an end to their lives.

The diseases were, for the most part, of that sort which depends upon inaction and obstruction, as dropsies, palsies, and some tumours. The cures were gradual; some patients attending many days, some several weeks, and some several months. The cures were many of them incomplete. Others were temporary.