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Field maintained his "dead sleepy" silence, but appeared to acquiesce, and the other led the way into the bedroom, apologising as he did so to this half-starved son of a baronet whose own home was almost a palace for the size of the room. The weary guest, however, made no pretence of thanks or politeness.

It was the boast of this old family that it could afford to own a portion of the earth and own it as it came from the hand of Nature.

And when he noticed how the woman, in whose lap the girl's head was resting, bent over the injured bosom of the child to catch her breathing, which she feared had come to a stand-still with the anguish of a dove that is struck down by a hawk he remembered a moment in his own childhood, when he had lain trembling with fever on his little bed.

Ivan concentrated in his own hands the power of all the little Russian duchies, overthrew the celebrated Russian republic of Novgorod the Great, and defied the Tartars. Equally noteworthy to modern eyes was his wedding with Sophia, heiress of the last of the emperors of the East. When that outworn empire perished with the fall of Constantinople, Ivan succeeded nominally at least to its heirship.

More yet. In Polynesia, every man is his own barber and surgeon, cutting off his beard or arm, as occasion demands. No unusual thing, for the warriors of Varvoo to saw off their own limbs, desperately wounded in battle. But owing to the clumsiness of the instrument employed a flinty, serrated shell the operation has been known to last several days.

"Listen to him!" he cried to the others. "Once again he is defending this creature and turning his back on common sense. All I ask is that we keep our skills among our own people and avoid the contamination that will surely result " Doctor Tanner broke off, his face suddenly white. He coughed, clutching at his chest, and sank down groping for his medicine box and the water glass.

"I really, I don't see how we came to be discussing such nonsense," she said. "Our ages and that sort of thing! Captain Cyrus, I wish you would go to Washington. I think you ought to go." But the captain's thoughts were far from Washington at that moment. His own face was alight, and his eyes shone. "Phoebe," he faltered unbelievingly, "what was you goin' to say? Do you mean that that "

Look for him!" an imperturbable British cabby would only touch his cap and say, "Very good, miss!" So we followed our own trail back to "The Insular." "In this way," I said to my sister, "we both get a complete view. To-morrow we will do it all over again." But we found that we could not wait for the morrow.

Tempting offers were made him of employment in the royal service; but he had an ardent love for his own country, and thither he presently returned. Phips was a rude sailor, bluff, prompt, and choleric.

Whatever may be thought of her notions or sense of propriety in her bold and conspicuous position, personally, intellectually and socially speaking, there can be but one opinion as to her superior energy, ability and moral courage; and she may well be regarded as an evangel and heroine by her own sex."