"Stop!" cried the orange-woman, laying a strong detaining hand on the footman's arm; "stop you 'tis I'll go with more sense and speed." "What is that person that woman?" cried Lady de Brantefield, who now heard and saw the orange-woman for the first time. "Woman! is it me she manes?" said the orange-woman, coming forward quite composedly, shouldering on her cloak. "Is it who I am?

Bowdoin got up hurriedly, and, nodding to the orange-woman, shuffled into his house. But it was too late; Mrs. Bowdoin sat rigid behind the coffee-urn. Harley looked up with a twinkle in his eye. "James, I should think, at your time of life, you'd stop rambling over the Common before breakfast, in carpet slippers, too, when you know I've been up so late the night before at a meeting in behalf of"

The fury of the orange-woman kindled her eyes flashed fire her arms a-kimbo, she advanced repeating, "Fitter! Fitter! What's that ye say? You're not Irish not a bone in your skeleton!" Lady Anne screamed. Mr. Montenero forced the orange-woman back, and Berenice and I hurried Lady de Brantefield and her daughter across the hall into the eating-room. Mr.

But there happened one thing which vexed me, which is, that the orange-woman did come in the pit, and challenge me for twelve oranges, which she delivered by my order at a late play, at night, to give to some ladies in a box, which was wholly untrue, but yet she swore it to be true.

I ought to have said, that the orange-woman, taking a hint from the sign of a butcher opposite to whose door my ancestor was found, had very cleverly given him the name of Thomas Goldencalf. This second important transition in the affairs of my father, might be deemed a presage of his future fortunes.

Gladstone, who considers the evil which the heresiarch produces as evil of the sort against which it is the end of government to guard, can escape from the obvious consequence of his doctrine, we do not understand. The world is full of parallel cases. An orange-woman stops up the pavement with her wheelbarrow; and a policeman takes her into custody.

But take care you don't tumble over the orange-woman orange barrows are a great nuisance, when one's studying a letter in the streets of London, or the metropolis. But never heed; stick to my arm, and I'll guide you, like a blind man, safe through the thick of them."

It is because the stopping up of the pathway is one of the evils against which it is the business of the public authorities to protect society, and heartlessness is not one of those evils. It would be the height of folly to say that the miser ought, indeed, to be punished, but that he ought to be punished less severely than the orange-woman.

On my presenting a pistol, the man scrambled out of the window, carrying away with him the prize he had seized. At this moment the faithful Jacob appeared amongst us as if by miracle. "Master, we are safe," said he, "if we can defend ourselves for a few minutes. The orange-woman delivered your letter, and the military are coming.

She was, indeed, an extremely pretty girl; but we need not stop to relate all the fond praises that were bestowed upon her beauty by her partial parents. Her little brother John was not at home when she was going away; he was at a carpenter's shop in the neighbourhood mending a wheelbarrow, which belonged to that good-natured orange-woman who gave him the orange for his father.